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How long does your blog appear in Google?

When you create a blog, one of the questions you can ask yourself is how long it will take to appear on Google. If we have indicated in the WordPress configuration the option “Allow search engines to index this site”, the truth is that it will take relatively little time to exit in Google, provided there is no serious error.

There are many people who think, however, that their blog does not appear on Google because it does not appear in the keyword they are looking for. And we have to distinguish between “appear in Google” and be “positioned in Google. 

Your blog can go to Google, but be so badly positioned, that you hardly get visitors. Whether you are in one case or another, read on. 

What to do to make your blog appear in Google

appear in Google

If your blog does not appear on Google yet, it may be for several reasons:

  • You are using a huge amount of plagiarized content, or your website is a link farm, and Google has directly omitted you from the search results.
  • Perhaps your page has hardly any text, it is made in Flash and Google directly ignores it because it makes a mess.
  • It has not yet given time for the search engine to index you, it may be a matter of days or even hours.
  • Your website contains content that Google considers spam or even malware, so you have also been omitted from the search results.
  • Something happens with your web domain or hosting, there may be problems with DNS, which are not yet pointing to the right site.

Nowadays it is quite difficult for a normal website to not appear on Google. That’s why it’s rather strange that your page does not come out, unless there are somewhat anomalous circumstances, such as those indicated above.

If you have problems with your website to be indexed in Google, we recommend that you contact our positioning services. Keep reading 5 SEO tips to improve product descriptions

What happens when your blog appears in Google, but it is not well positioned

appear in Google

We want you to understand what indexing means. When you create a website, it has a whole series of pages or URLs, which can be indexed.

The crawlers or spiders are small bots from Google that are responsible for detecting what pages are on your site, how the information is structured and a whole series of parameters on which depends that your website is indexed, as well as how and when position yourself

In the beginning, all your pages may take a while to index. But for that to be possible, it can always be very useful to make a sitemap.xml file and upload it to Google Search Console on your site, in order to make it easier for the robot to identify which pages are on your site and which are likely to be indexed.

If you do not know how this is done, we invite you to contact us.

Appearing on Google is not the same as positioning in Google

appear in Google

Your website is already on Google, okay, but … does that mean you’re well positioned on Google? Appearing on Google is not synonymous with having many visits.

You can appear for some keywords that nobody is looking for, which does not help you either.

If you appear on Google, the next step has to be to optimize your website to try to position yourself in the best positions for the keywords that have the most searches and that really coincide with what you offer to the user.

Optimizing internal SEO is really a task that requires research, strategy, and work. If you want to improve SEO on-page, you’ll have to study the competition, analyze your keywords and build content focused on those keywords so that Google considers you as a relevant site when it comes to positioning yourself on the results page.

How long will it take to position myself in Google?

appear in Google

This question does not have an easy answer, and it is that the reality is that it depends. It depends on the competition, depends on the quality of your content, depends on the quality and quantity of the incoming links … in short, it depends on a large number of factors.

This is where the role of SEO comes in, from the expert in web positioning. Using search analysis tools and keywords, we can develop strategies and implement SEO techniques focused on trying to improve the positioning of your site.

If you want your site to improve its positioning, or would like to simply know what mistakes you are making in SEO, we invite you to get in touch with us and we will advise you in order to improve the SEO of your website or blog.

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