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5 SEO tips to improve product descriptions

How to improve the SEO of the product descriptions of your online store? Is it important that we look at this aspect in order to have a good web positioning?

Taking into account that SEO optimization of product listings can be one of the keys that help attract quality traffic to sales pages, it is an important enough issue for you to consider it a priority in your online store.

Let’s see some tips that can help you improve the SEO of the product descriptions of your online store.

How to improve the SEO of the product descriptions of your online store

The descriptions of products are generally very similar pages, where the only thing that changes is the title, the description of the product and the photo, although everything else in the store remains stable.

The error of many online stores is to ignore these pages and focus solely on trying to position the main website when the truth is that these sales pages can attract qualified traffic interested in buying precisely the product of the URL to which it has arrived.

If you want to improve the SEO of the product sheets of your online store, pay attention to these tips.

1. Choose the right keyword

It is not the same to use a keyword with many searches, that one with very few and another that users directly do not search.

SEO tips to improve product descriptions

Therefore, an essential task will be to choose the main keywords of each product sheet, since based on this we can more adequately elaborate other aspects, such as description, title, meta-description, etc.

The keyword should be, by the way, the one that people think when they want to buy that product and they look for it in Google. We must, therefore, do it thinking of people and trying to find the precise word.

In addition to the main keyword, we must not forget to enrich our descriptions with related keywords that can also attract traffic.

2. Take your keywords to the title

The product title should include the main keyword, which will usually be the name of the product. You can include technical details about it to make it more concrete.

SEO tips to improve product descriptions

For example, if you sell a bottle of cologne, you can include in the title if it is 100 ml or the type of fragrance, but always looking for it to be a natural text and focused on the user.

Avoid repeating the titles of the products, although they are very similar so that the client in no case be confused.

3. Write an original, attractive and descriptive description

Completely avoid duplicate product descriptions. And beware of plagiarism, because it is very common that online stores simply copy the product description of the manufacturer. This will not help anything to position your online store.

SEO tips to improve product descriptions

Your descriptions must be 100% original, attractive to the user and describing the technical and necessary information needed by the person who will buy the product.

Also, think about focusing not only on technical aspects but on the advantages of the product and those elements that will attract the user to the purchase.

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4. Suitably uses highlighted, bold, etc. tags

Another key aspect that we have to take into account when making product descriptions in an online store is the HTML tags. It is recommended that there be no more than one h1 tag, which may match the main title of the page or the title of the product.

SEO tips to improve product descriptions

Use subtitles h2 and h3 to describe different aspects of the product, and enter a keyword in these subtitles. Be careful with “strong” or bold labels, as they are used in SEO to highlight a priority keyword. If you put too many words with “strong”, it will be confusing for Google.

5. Attentive to meta-title, meta-description, and URL

Another aspect that you have to take care of a lot is the meta-title and the meta-description of the product cards. Keep in mind that these elements are the first ones that users see on the results page and they have a huge importance in the face of getting a good CTR.

SEO tips to improve product descriptions

The idea is that you use a meta-title and an attractive meta-description, do not over-optimize the meta-description because it will not have any positive effect on your positioning. Think of the user, write an original text that invites to continue reading and is creative, witty, descriptive, that puts the accent on the advantages of the product, and at the same time is elegant and professional.

Finally, keep in mind that URLs should also include the main keyword of the product listing. This will make the results better than if you simply leave the default URLs that include just a product code and no information relevant to the search engine. Try that they are not very long URLs, of about 3-4 words.

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