New healthy food trends that will rule in 2020

We live in a world that is rapidly changing. Times come and go, and so do trends. Each year brings something new for us. And the food that we eat? It’s no different, either. Every year, health enthusiasts find new food trends that can benefit them in many ways. From nut flours to egg diets, there is always something interesting. 2020 has also brought with itself some different foods that are gaining popularity by the day.

If you have been seeking a healthy start and are looking forward to adopting a healthier diet this year, you will be in the right place. Let’s talk about some changes that people have recently been making to their daily diet. See if you can spot one that you want to start with today.

1)  Oats all The Way

There was a time when adding oat milk to your coffee was a huge deal. But saying goodbye to the addition of oats in daily diet is a rare sight. Oats have now become a considerable part of the daily diet. From wholesome oat bread to nutritious oat yogurt, it is everywhere!

Oat serves to be an ideal substitute that wants to go dairy-free. Alternatives like oat milk, oat yogurt, and oat bread are not only low in calories and gluten-free but also extremely healthy. With ideal levels of calcium and proteins, you can now say yes to oats without the hassle of poor taste.

2)  Grilling Over Frying:

Fried food may be very delicious, but it is also very unhealthy. The perfect alternative to frying is the grill. Grilling not only keeps your meals pleasant but also makes them considerably more healthy. Grilling food has been around for quite some time, but it has become one of the most significant trends in the food industry.

If you think grilling will give you a harder time in the kitchen, you are mistaken. Be it chicken, potatoes, or even seafood. Finding an easy grilling recipe is as easy as searching for grilled chicken recipes online. And in no time, you will be able to set your table with mouthwatering meals that do not compromise everyone’s cholesterol levels in your family. Keep reading reheat chicken wings.

3)  Quitting Carbs:

Carbohydrates are known to be one of the essential elements included in one’s diet. But their excess is never too good for anyone. Very often, when one seeks to lose weight, carbs are the first nutrient they cut off. However, a diet without carbohydrates is not just for losing weight. People have been looking up to a minimal-carb diet such as keto and paleo diets as their go-to lifestyles.

Cutting off carbs not only allows you to shed excess weight but also allows a better and faster metabolism that keeps you active and healthy. You should keep in mind that these diets require keeping the intake of carbs at a minimum since completely excluding them would be impossible.

4)  Stack Up On Vitamin D:

Vitamins and minerals were once a luxurious additive to a diet. But that is no longer true. With the growing knowledge of the value of such nutrients, they have increased other packaged food products.

Out of all these vitamins and minerals, one that makes the most prominent appearance in food items today is Vitamin D., And this is for a reason other than it’s health benefits.

The finding that half of the world population has a Vitamin D deficiency has led to an effort in the food and health industry to eradicate it by adding it to the daily diet.

5)  Go Hemp Or Go Home:

In the recent past, chia seeds and flax seeds have gained quite a reputation. They’ve been marketed as the diet’s healthiest seed possible. But Hemp seeds are now giving them good competition. Given their rich taste and numerous health benefits, You can eat the seeds however you want. Powder them and sprinkle on your meals or eat them raw. Their nutritious value will still be sufficient to boost your immunity and aid your metabolism.

The trend of hemp seed consumption hasn’t spread in as many countries. As there is a ban on their harvesting, but their benefits are now widely known. That is to say, it won’t be long before their consumption becomes mainstream in all parts of the world.

6)  Smoothie The Vegetables:

While fruits can be everyone’s best friends, vegetables have always been a little harder to down. For years people have been trying to include these healthy plant parts in their diet without compromising on the taste. And we finally have a solution.

Vegetable smoothies have gained popularity very quickly. Owing to their fresh and sweet taste and their high nutritious value, people have found it very easy to make them a part of their daily diet.

The best part about these smoothies is that there are no restrictions. You should use whatever combination you want and in whatever proportion you wish. There are no rules for making a vegetable smoothie. Anything that suits your taste buds is good enough.

7)  Change Your Flour:

The flour that you use is an essential component of your diet. Something as small as changing the food product that you use can have a significant impact on your health. And that is what health enthusiasts have been doing lately. Trying new alternative flours for better health benefits.

The trend of using alternative flours began from people using almond and coconut flour in the ketogenic diet. Soon many people realized the health benefits associated with the consumption of these alternatives. It led to a considerable number of people switching to these alternative flours, even when not on a particular diet. And the results have been awe-inspiring.

Since then, some other alternative flours have surfaced, and their health benefits only get better and better. So if you want to start small with your diet changes, then an alternative flour may be a good start for you.

8)  Adapt To Adaptogens:

Adaptogens may sound like extremely complex elements, but they are the opposite. What are they? Just some specific plants and herbs, with some exceptional health benefits. Adaptogens are particularly those plants and herbs that can help your body fight inflammation, reduce stress, boost your immunity, and regulate your hormones.

These are not newly discovered plants and herbs. They’ve been there for quite a while. But as the awareness of their health benefits rose, so did their use in daily routines. And today, they have become the rising food trend of 2020.

You can add these to your recipes or simply use them to garnish. And even if you do not cook yourself, many manufacturers have started incorporating these plants and drinks in their packaged food and beverages.


The concept of healthy food being bad in taste is no longer appreciated. People have started looking up to healthy diets and nutritious alternatives to unhealthy elements of their diet. Food trends keep changing, but one thing that will never be too old is the need to be healthy, which is why the number of healthy food trends will only increase with time.

Mentioned above are only some of the healthy food trends that have been going around. If you don’t like any of these, there are several others that you can follow. And if none of them fits you, you can always start your trend. Everything is okay as long as it’s healthy and nutritious.

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