How To Reanimate The Dried Mascara?

How To Reanimate The Dried Mascara?

You can have a different attitude to decorative cosmetics, but mascara is the kind of cosmetics that almost every woman sometimes uses. Even a natural and natural look looks much better and more spectacular with slightly tinted eyelashes. Dried mascara makes them look more voluminous and expressive, focuses attention on the eyes and helps to make a pleasant impression on others.

How To Reanimate The Dried Mascara?

But if you use mascara, then you probably have not once faced with the problem of its drying. Even expensive products of famous brands are not insured against this scourge. Sometimes the mascara dries in a few months after opening, sometimes in just a few weeks. Applying it on the eyelashes becomes problematic, although it is possible that there is still a lot of it in the jar, and it can really look good on your eyelashes. So, we will understand what to do in such cases.

How to reanimate the dried mascara, which is composed of paraffin?

Before trying to figure out how to dilute the dried mascara, pay attention to its composition. In many products, there is plastic wax or paraffin, the hardening of which becomes the main cause of drying of the carcass. In this case, it can not even be diluted – just warm up.

Most often, products with paraffin content are advised to hold for a few minutes under hot water. Naturally, the lid of the mascara tube should be tightly closed, so that the water in no way gets inside. There is another good way to revitalize such mascara – just put it on the radiator for about 10 minutes before you plan to apply makeup.

It is possible that these simple manipulations will be quite enough to return all your original properties to your carcass. The only caveat: the product will need to be heated before each use

How to dilute the dried mascara, if warming up did not help?

So, if there is still no paraffin in your carcass, or if the preheating did not have the desired effect, you can try to dilute it. Here are some of the most common fluids that are used to carry out this procedure:

  • Eye drops or contact lens storage solution. Both of these options will help not only to restore the viability of your carcass but also to neutralize the effects of microbes, to prevent the development of inflammation and irritation. Particular attention to this method of diluting dried mascara should be paid to the fair sexes, who have sensitive eyes or skin around them.

How To Reanimate The Dried Mascara?

  • Almond oil, peach seed oil or jojoba oil, as well as castor oil. In most cases, the solution to dissolve dried mascara using this ingredient is optimal: natural oils, as a rule, do not cause allergies; they have a good effect on the consistency of the product and, moreover, have a caring effect on the eyelashes.

  • Alcohol-free lotion. The absence of alcohol in the composition of the lotion – the most important condition, in case of non-compliance with which it will be impossible to dilute the dried mascara. Alcohol lotion may with a high degree of probability cause dryness, irritation, redness of the eyes.
  • Sweetened with fresh black tea. It must be added to the tube (in the amount of two or three drops) and on the brush. Such a way to dilute the dried product may seem frivolous, but, surprisingly, it is quite effective, and almost never causes irritation.

What should not try to dissolve the dried mascara?

There are several other options for liquids, which are often found in the tips on what to do with dried mascara. However, each of these options is dangerous or ineffective in its own way:

  • Plain, boiled or distilled water. To begin with, it can only be diluted with mascara that has a water base. But this is not the main problem – water can contribute to the development of pathogenic microorganisms, which, in turn, can lead to reddening of the eyes, irritation of their mucous membranes, etc. Moreover, it is not recommended to dilute mascara with water for those who have experienced allergic reactions.

How To Reanimate The Dried Mascara?

  • Liquid or milk makeup remover. Theoretically, this option is the place to be, but you should understand that such a tool is intended to “liquidate” cosmetic products, and not to increase their durability. Accordingly, the dilution of the dried mascara with make-up will inevitably lead to the fact that it will be worse to stick on the eyelashes and easier to smear over the eyelids.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and any other “medical” means. You should not resort to them in any case, because both the response of the carcass to their introduction and the reaction of your eyes to the use of such cosmetics can be unpredictable (up to a burn of the mucous membrane).
  • Alcohol-containing liquids. Lotions, colognes, perfumes – all this is not suitable for breeding dried cosmetics if it has alcohol in its basis. The reason is the same: a similar reception is guaranteed to cause irritation and redness of the eyes, possibly an allergic reaction.

How to prepare mascara for breeding?

In conclusion, it is worth noting that for maximum effect, it is recommended to clean the tube with mascara first, and only after that dilute it. Cleaning the tube includes the following steps:

  1. The removal of excess dried product from the top of the jar and the lid — such “growths” do not allow the tube to be closed to the end, due to which air gets inside. This, in turn, accelerates the drying process of the carcass.
  2. Thorough cleaning of the jar limiter. For this it is best to completely remove it, thoroughly clean, and then return it back.
  3. Thorough cleaning of the brush. To do this, it is advised to use makeup remover, but in combination with wipes, and not cotton pads – from the latter, the villi will remain on the brush, which later will penetrate into the mascara itself.

In an effort to reanimate your favorite cosmetics do not forget that everything has its own expiration date. And means that are so close to the eyes, it is better not to use after this period. As a rule, for an open mascara, it is about six months. If you opened and started using your mascara more than six months ago, it is better to just throw it away and get a new one.

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