What Is Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet Management is the strategic planning of a company’s fleet. It involves the collective management of a company’s assets by establishing asset allocation, asset tracking and budgeting. Fleet management is an integral part of companies’ overall business strategy. It enables a company to effectively deal with day to day supply, consumer and economic fluctuations, allocating resources to meet these challenges, while maintaining maximum operational efficiency. Companies like MPH Vehicle Solutions offer a perfect service.

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The need for effective fleet maintenance arises when a company must make a specific vehicle available for a short or long period or when it has to cater to sudden surges in demand for particular products. When these events occur, the company cannot afford to make a single mistake as it can affect the whole company’s output. Vehicle Fleet Management software was developed to ensure that these fluctuations are reduced by optimising the use of vehicles and the scheduling of vehicles. Moreover, by streamlining the overall management process, fleet managers are able to provide greater customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle Fleet Management includes a complete suite of solutions that help in better managing a company’s fleet. Apart from ensuring that vehicles are kept in good condition and efficiently serviced, it also reduces fuel consumption and costs by improving fuel economy. By optimising the use of vehicles, it is possible to drastically reduce the amount of fuel consumed. With GPS tracking systems installed in vehicles, a company is able to track their fuel consumption as well as the location of vehicles to minimise fuel consumption costs. Vehicle Fleet Management solutions are designed to track the routes of vehicles, analyse fuel consumption trends and plan optimal routes on the basis of usage and vehicle age to cut down on excess fuel consumption.


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