What You Should Know About Oak Feather Edge Cladding

Whether your home is a first home or you are looking to add value and elegance to an existing property, oak feather edge cladding panels can give you both. These are an incredibly solid construction which allows for a great deal of flexibility whilst providing a sleek modern look and feel. You can create a wooden, warm and rustic look or you can create a very contemporary look using Oak. Either way the design and feel are very appealing and you will get many years of enjoyment from these beautiful panels.

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The beauty of Oak feather edge cladding panels, like those from Timberpride, are that they have such amazing design potential. You are able to use just about any wood product you want to use as a feature or finish – the choice is almost endless. The way Oak feather edge cladding works is by using a raised ridge along the face edge where you then attach a series of interlocking arched ‘boxes’ which provide a firm and secure joint. The result is a very strong box that is virtually impenetrable making it an ideal choice for the manufacture of timber furniture.

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What you have to remember is that you really need to be cautious when it comes to using oak cladding as this is not a product that you can simply install by ‘nipping’ the corners together with your hands. You need to ensure you leave a considerable space between each piece of wood to ensure the maximum strength is achieved when the product is being used.

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