Cartoon Characters Who Love Pizza

Have you ever noticed how much our favourite cartoon and fictional characters love Italian food? You could argue that Italian cuisine is among the most beloved cuisine in the world and these following characters certainly back that up. Italian food features strongly in our popular culture, just as it does in homes and kitchens across the world:

Jughead and Archie
From the Archie comics, Jughead Jones is the true foodie and aficionado of all things pizza. He famously won a pizza eating competition by eating a whole 12 pizzas in one go! He has daydreams of pizzas and sees them in different shapes, like pigs, cats and guitars. He longs for a watch-shaped pizza, so he can eat it around the clock!  He also charitably donates pizza to a food bank believing that pizza can save the world. 

Shaggy and Scooby Doo
This comic duo was always looking for snacks to fill their hungry bellies! Shaggy Rogers had a real love of pizza in particular. He occasionally got distracted from his love of Scooby snacks and helped the rest of the crew spooky crime but most of the time he would be dreaming of his favourite – pizza with extra cheese and pickles!

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Homer Simpson
Homer is a great lover of all things edible but holds a special place in his heart for pizza. He cannot resist them. Pizza has appeared in many a Simpson’s show, including ‘Life on the Fast Lane’ where he loudly pronounces that hot pizza is the food kings! More than 100 Simpson’s episodes feature this iconic Italian dish. If all this has made your tummy rumble, why not head out for Italian tonight? For a great Restaurant Dublin, visit

This lovable, tubby rogue is most famous for being incredibly lazy and loving pizza and lasagne. His story is that he was found in an Italian restaurant as a kitten, so his love affair with pizza began young. He thinks of little else other than getting his next fix of Italian goodness!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
These guys are probably the most famous of the pizza champions, virtually living on them. Hailing from subterranean New York, these crime-fighting heroes don’t go too long without feasting on the dish and helped to make pizza more popular than ever with a new generation of youngsters. They even have a song as an ode to their beloved meal – ‘Pizza Power’.

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