Six considerations when renting a van

Whatever your reason may be for renting a van, making sure you plan ahead and select the right vehicle for your needs is paramount. Here are some things to consider, to make your rental as smooth as possible:

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1.      Capacity

How many items do you need to move? What size are they and what do they weigh? These are the most important questions to ask yourself when selecting a van, as otherwise you may choose the wrong size for your needs. This could mean overpaying for a large van you didn’t need, or having to make lots of trips in a van that is a little too ‘cosy’ for the job.

2.      Safety

According to industry commentators WhatVan, providers of rental vehicles are increasingly offering more safety features to customers, such as ‘Lane Keeping Assist’ and assisted parking tools. Driving a van is not like driving a car, so you should consider if these would be helpful, especially if you are not a confident driver.

3.      Value

If you are considering van rental Bristol, you should get at least three quotes to compare prices. Also, be aware of what may or may not be included as an added extra, such as if the van has mileage limits. Check if the cost of insurance is included.

4.      Bring your ID

You will need your driving licence at a minimum for van rental in Bristol and some rental companies will ask for other ID as well, like a bill or official letter proving your address. The company is also likely to ask for your payment card for a deposit in case of extra charges.

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5.      Check the van

You must examine the van’s paperwork and the vehicle itself carefully and document any anomalies. Take pictures of any damage. You should communicate these immediately to the company. Check the fuel level, tyre pressure, and mileage and note them.

6.      Finishing up

Make sure you park the van in an appropriate place, in the condition in which you found it. Replace the fuel that was used and clean up any rubbish.

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