Four Reasons Why Propane Delivery Is Important

Propane companies want their customers to stay supplied with propane. Running out can mean extra fees for the system, safety, pressure tests, and appliance pilot relights. Many propane companies offer automatic deliveries that track your usage and weather patterns and reorder fuel when you are close to running out. This can eliminate the need to dredge through snow to check your tank gauge.

Peace of Mind

With a propane delivery service, you never have to worry about running out of fuel. Propane companies monitor your tank levels and schedule deliveries based on your average usage. This eliminates the need for will-call customers to track their fuel levels and saves them from getting slapped with outrageous fees when they run out of propane. Many propane companies offer preferred customer benefits that can include discounted rates and free services from time to time. These perks can help make it even more affordable to use propane for your home or business. Depending on the season, propane prices can fluctuate. Propane production drops during summer, causing prices to drop to clear out inventory and make room for fall and winter demand.


Propane companies store large propane tanks on site and transfer the fuel from these tanks into smaller tanks mounted on trucks for each home they deliver to. This is one of the most efficient ways to get propane into homes. It eliminates the need to use pipelines, railroad tank cars, and tractor-trailers to transport the fuel from the source to consumers. Homeowners have the option of signing up for automatic deliveries. These involve the propane company monitoring your usage and scheduling delivery before the tank is dangerously low. This is an excellent choice for busy households and can save you from getting hit with fees if you need to monitor your tank levels or run out of propane. However, homeowners must be willing to let the company know when they need a propane delivery. Otherwise, they will have to schedule a propane refill at their convenience, which may be difficult during the peak heating season.


Propane is delivered to homes and businesses in specially designed tanks secured underground or above ground. Tanks should be free from snow, ice, debris, weeds, and other combustible materials. Propane vapors are heavier than air and may collect in low or confined areas, such as basements, pits, or crawl spaces. They can also follow air currents and reach higher levels in a building. Properly functioning propane appliances and systems should be tested regularly to ensure safety. A trained professional can test your propane equipment for safety and help you keep your system running efficiently. If you’re concerned about forgetting to call for a propane delivery or running out of fuel, consider signing up for automatic deliveries. This allows the company to monitor your usage using a computer system and schedule delivery based on that information. They can also offer preferred customer benefits to customers who sign up for this service.


Whether you rent or own your propane tank, determine which companies offer the most cost-effective services. Look for a company that offers a fixed price per gallon, and ask for a breakdown of all fees to compare costs. Some standard fees include fuel surcharges, delivery charges, service diagnostic or leak test fees, meter read fees, equipment reconnection or restocking, and line bleed or appliance pilot relighting fees. Some companies offer preferred customer benefits to reward loyalty and reduce churn. They can monitor your propane usage patterns and automatically schedule deliveries based on the computer system’s calculation of when you are likely to run out. This eliminates the need for will-call customers to continually call in for a delivery, which can cause them to overfill their tanks and damage the valve and lines. This also eliminates the hassle of running out of propane during a cold snap or lousy weather. It also helps prevent rusting and other issues in empty tanks.

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