Is working in a mainstream School with children who have Special Needs a career for you.

Working in a mainstream school with Children who have Special Needs can be extremely rewarding, but it can also present you with difficult challenges on a daily basis.  You will need to have certain personal qualities that cannot be taught!  Empathy, patience, resilience, compassion, loyalty, and tolerance to name just a few.  The amazing and often anxious children you will be supporting and enabling to reach their full potential will thrive under your guidance if you are prepared to encourage and nurture them.  The school that you work at will hopefully fully support and guide you, providing you not only with all the equipment you might need to help your Special Needs child but with all the training to use it properly.

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A great mainstream school will have a forward thinking head teacher with a team of dedicated staff who fully support all the children and make the school as inclusive as possible.  A good indication of a great school is one that has a well-constructed and informative website designed and built by a professional company such as who specialise in Websites for schools.

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A great mainstream school will have an Outstanding Ofsted review and have children who thrive and achieve their very best potential.  The school core values will be;  Acceptance, Bravery, Compassion, Diligence, and Education for everyone.  The caring and supportive staff will nurture and support all the children and allow them to grow.

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