Choosing the Right Way for you to Heat your Conservatory

Having a conservatory added to your home is something that for many people is a great way to get that extra bit of space in the home without having to have a full-blown extension added on, or to move house. A conservatory is a really versatile space, which can be used as a dining area for entertaining, a playroom for kids to enjoy, or a cosy snug or quiet space to sit and read or relax in.

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When it comes to heating however, there are many options that you might want to consider for your conservatory. There are a lot of factors to be taken into account when heating a conservatory and the heating itself is only a part of this. The direction that your conservatory is facing, the size of the conservatory, and the insulation that you use for it are also a big part of keeping your conservatory at a suitable temperature.

Of course, even if you have the best insulation and a south facing conservatory, you are going to need heating there during the winter. Here are the many options available when it comes to heating your conservatory…

Central Heating – This is a good choice if you want reliable heating that is connected to your home. Make sure that you have it installed by a professional like this boiler service Cheltenham based company

Something to bear in mind if you are having central heating installed in your conservatory is that you will need to get planning permission before you do this.

Log Burner – Something that is becoming increasingly popular in the home, and a great way to get that cosy look and feel is a log burner. This is an efficient way to get the room heated up, and it can also help to reduce your energy bills as it is not using gas or electricity. In some cases, you may need planning permission for this, so do check beforehand.

Underfloor Heating – This is a fantastic way to heat your conservatory, but it is on the more costly side when it comes to installation. It can however be used with many types of flooring from carpet, to tile to laminate, and once installed it is a great way to heat the room as well as not needing the space for an actual heater in the room which can also save space.

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Electric Radiators – These are a very simple solution to heating your conservatory. All you need for this is a plug socket! There are many modern styles of electric heaters which can be controlled with Bluetooth, and they also have the advantage of heating up quickly. However, one of the things to be aware of with these are that they can use a lot of electricity, so be aware of that when you are using them.

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