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Trees represent one of the most numerous forms of plant life that grows in abundance on the planet Earth. It is a very good job that they do. Without trees the world would quickly become a desolate wasteland and would just be a vast feature plain. Trees are essential to the survival of the human race and countless species of mammal, avian and insect life. They form the backbone of the landscape and have been the most important part of our lives in terms of building and construction. Ships and dwellings are just some of many things that we have used trees for. Even now we still use some of the mightiest trees, the great oak for construction now. An Oak Conservatory like those from are some of the best that you can use.

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Trees are some of the most intelligent examples of plant life that can be studied. They are not only beautiful to look at, they perform one of the most important jobs on the planet. Trees take carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and then turn them into oxygen. We are faced with the grim reality that if we lose trees or continue to destroy them at the rate we are doing we are not going to have a world left that we can use in any meaningful way.

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Beneath the soil that the trees root and grow in there is an incredible amount of energy and sheer magic going on. We naturally focus on the green and vibrant part of the tree. Its colours, fruit and berries are a wonder to behold. However, underneath the soil something even more incredible is going on. Trees actually talk to each other. They do not have mouths as we would know them. Their form of communication is probably even more advanced. Trees in a wood or forest will link together their roots. Through these roots they are able to feed each other and recognise when one of them is needing resources. This organic network is truly marvellous and no other plant life seems to do it. It is as if the trees have formed a community for their own physical wellbeing.

Trees are there to inspire us and to give solace and comfort. They have been used in landscape gardens to great effect but sometimes just coming across on, wild and unkempt and flourishing in this environment you cannot help but feel uplifted.

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