Can solar shading reduce your energy bills?

Solar shading is a great way to reduce the heat inside buildings, creating a more comfortable environment for the people inside. Brise soleil is a type of shading that is fitted externally to buildings, that not only protects them from solar glare but can also be beautifully designed to make an attractive statement.

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But can solar shading help to reduce energy bills? This guide explains it all.

The Rising Costs of Energy

Energy prices are always a hot topic of conversation, and many of us have felt the sting of recent increases. For businesses, the effects can be even more significant.

With many of us using air conditioning or running fans in the warmer months, reducing the effects of the sun can help to lower the ambient temperatures and mean we need to use cooling less frequently. This in turn can help lower electricity consumption and reduce energy bills.

According to Science Direct, shading brings more energy-saving benefits to buildings than high-performance insulation.

Types of Solar Shading

Most solar shading comes as flat slats that can be angled to deflect sunlight. These can be placed over windows as well as walls, and made from a variety of materials including fabric and lightweight aluminium.

One of the benefits of this type of shading is that it can be controlled manually or by a motor, and some types can adjust automatically to follow the sun and provide maximum shading. More information on aluminium solar shading can be found at

Other types of sunshades include exterior fitted blinds and awnings that project from the top of windows. Awnings are usually manually operated and made of fabric. While these do shield some sunlight from entering through windows, they are particularly useful for outdoor shading.

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Using Shadings to Lower Energy Costs

If you are looking for effective ways to reduce the heat inside your building, external solar shading can make a big difference. Not only does it look stylish and keep the occupants cooler, but it will also help you to save money on your energy bills.

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