The historic county of Berkshire in the Southeast of England.

Recognised by England’s Queen Elizabeth 11 in 1957 as a Royal County, the historic and beautiful county of Berkshire became even more popular and drew many more families and businesses to the area.  Berkshire, of course is home to the wonderful Windsor Castle located within its proximity and with the river Thames forming its northern boundary and many historical and interesting places to visit the whole area is thriving. There is the Abby Priory and Cathedral, an amusement and theme park, a heritage railway, museums, theatres, a zoo, the world-renowned Eton College and of course LegoLand to name just a few.

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With so much to see and do in Berkshire it’s no wonder there is plenty of new building and construction work going on in the county to provide housing, retail and business opportunities for the families and workers flocking there.  To save as much disruption as possible to homeowners already living in the vicinity lots of forward thinking building companies are using futuristic and modern technology supplied by professional companies such as who provide an elite Drain Lining Berkshire service to individuals and companies.  This smart use of specialist equipment operated by fully trained engineers and technicians saves digging up gardens and grounds to check on drainage systems.

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For the ever growing horse racing community in the county, there is of course, Ascot, where the largest Thoroughbred group 1 flat racing events take place.  These prestigious races are closely associated with the Royal Family and draw in visitors from all over the world.

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