Converting Your Traffic into Sales

With ever-increasing access to technology, more and more people are now choosing to interact and to make purchases via the internet. Of course, this means that your website is likely to be one of your biggest assets when it comes to growing your business, as it is often the first contact that your prospective clients will have with you.

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A well thought out, targeted advertising campaign can be really effective in driving traffic to your website but all of this is useless if it does not result in an increase in new business. It is therefore vital to think carefully about how you can go about converting this traffic into sales.

Conversion Optimisation

This means maximising the percentage of visitors to your website who actually complete the desired transaction, normally the purchase of a product or service. Obviously, the higher you can get this rate, the more profitable your business will be. There are several different ways to achieve this.

Although more people are shopping online these days, they do often have concerns about the safety of their financial details while they are doing so. According to the Credit Reference Agency Experian, around 6% of the population fall victim to an online scam each year. Make sure that your customers are reassured your site is secure and offers safe payment methods such as PayPal.

Provide an easy way for site visitors to contact Customer Services. It can be immediately off-putting if no telephone number is provided, as some customers may prefer to actually place their order by telephone. They may also be concerned that if there is any problem with their order, they will find it hard to contact anyone who can help them to rectify the situation.

Special offers and discounts can be just the thing to encourage a visitor to make a purchase, especially if you can beat the prices being offered by any competitors. Increased business (particularly repeat business) can make this tactic worth your while.

The Importance of a Great User Experience

It is essential to make sure that your website is as user friendly as possible if you want to convert site hits into sales. If you do this right you will soon needto expand ypur business to a new site and looking for locations can be tricky.  Well you can make it simple by going straight for an Offices to let Basingstoke location found at links such as . Many users will simply not have the patience to persevere with a website that is slow or too complicated to use. According to the Guardian, tablets and mobile phones are now used to make almost 6% of all retail sales in this country. This means that another major consideration is whether your website is easy to access and use via mobile phone. Many business owners consider software testing services for a professional overhaul to make sure that any bugs are removed. Firms can help to get your site running smoothly.

So to recap, it is definitely worthwhile taking full advantage of the boom in internet trading of recent years. You can do this by offering customers a great deal, great customer service and an easy, smooth experience whilst negotiating your website.

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