Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

Looking for the perfect gift for the woman who has everything? Just because she’s impossible to shop for doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a thoughtful and beautiful gift. A well-chosen gift shows that you care, that you understand her tastes, and that you took time out of your life to pick out something special.

Gift Ideas

Here are five great gift ideas perfect for that special woman who has it all:

Luxury Scented Candles

Busy women rarely take the downtime that they deserve. But nothing calms the senses and creates a mood of relaxation better than a scented candle. Whether you light it in the living room or the bathroom, a scented candle is the perfect tool to help you destress and unwind. Read more A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Look for candles from brands such as Moulton Brown, Emma Bridgewater and Diptyque for ultimate luxury and indulgence. These all look as good as they smell, and their glasses and jars make great ornaments when the candle inside has been used up.

Leather Gloves

One of the best gifts for the woman who has everything is to replace an ordinary, everyday item with something a little more luxurious. A little touch of luxury will enrich and enhance even the most workaday object.

Leather notebooks and cashmere sweaters are both great examples of this, but the best is leather gloves. Supple and soft, leather gloves are warmer than knitted ones and feel great against the skin. Earn extra brownie points for attention to detail by choosing a pair that will perfectly match her favourite winter coat.

Collectible Figurines

Figurines are the perfect gift for the woman who wants for nothing because they serve no real purpose: beautiful and delicate, their only job is to enrich your life by looking great. A high-end porcelain figurine will enhance your living space and bring happiness whenever you look about it.

Choose a figurine that is unique and meaningful to the woman you are buying it for. Mother and child figurines make great gifts for parents, for example, whilst animal figurines can bring back memories of beloved pets.

A Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is a wonderful way to enhance any high end living space, bringing character and an injection of personality to a classic, neutral environment. Coffee table books often feature high quality, full colour images and are beautiful to look at.

With thousands of different high-end books to choose from, it’s easy to pick one to suit her interests. Books on shoes or handbags are the perfect pick for fashion lovers. Architecture versions are an ideal choice for those who love living in urban landscapes. With so many options available to you, it’s easy to make this gift truly unique to the one you love.

Gourmet Chocolate

Few presents are more gratefully received than those that are edible, particularly if you’re giving a gift to a girl with a sweet tooth. If you have a relatively small budget for your gift, then a gourmet chocolate bar is the perfect way to give a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

Look for rich dark chocolate with unusual flavours and accents if you want your gift to be memorable, as well as well-received. Some of our favourite gourmet chocolate brands include Ottar Chocolate, Hotel Chocolat, and Alexeeva and Jones. Each brand offers an organic option, meaning that you can also ensure your gift is planet-friendly and has minimal impact, as well as tasting decadent and delicious.

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