I have a man drawer

I’m quite happy to admit that I have a man drawer. Ever since Michael Macintyre revealed that men have a drawer specifically for such a purpose the nation has been tireless searching out theres to what is in there. So here for the purpose of openness I am prepared to reveal what is in my man draw and see if it same as Mr Macintyre. I think that is something we all need to do and a male population. Some of us will need the service of Skip Hire Swansea company at http://pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/  those lads might be getting a fair bit of work from us.

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Item number one. Yes, it is a Radiator key for bleeding the radiators. He’s right is there anything more manlier than this action of home maintenance? If there is I don’t know what it is! There is a strange satisfaction as you feel the air release out into the open and the perfect timing of turning off the radiator just before it cries its little tears of completion. There is also the satisfying feel of heat returning to the radiator as the warm water can now enter the heating unit as I have successfully removed the air blockage. Job done.

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Item number two. An old paint brush. It’s the got a few flecks of paint in it but is generally clean enough to use again. It have a bit of a hoarding issue to be fair.

Item Number three. An old takeaway menu. Ok I’m not sure why that’s int here because I, pretty sure I got rid of those. This is a pizza one. The place doesn’t even exist anymore, but it did a mean pepperoni and tuna. No seriously it did. Maybe that’s why it closed.

Item number four. A very old screwdriver. The fact it’s got mud on it suggests that I did use it to screw something into wood. I do have knack of suing things for something that they are not supposed to be used for. All a bit Heath Robinson.

Item number five. An instruction manual for my child Lego Castle. Ahh, now this will come in handy if I ever find the bits of the Lego castle that have wound themselves up in his other bits Lego. That sounds like fun afternoon doesn’t it. No really but it looks like I will have to do it now that  have unearthed it.

Item number six. A small tube full of fuses. Ok well I’m not sure that they are able  to be used or not and I don’t want to chuck away good ones so I’ll keep them.

Item number seven. Yep that’s asset of glasses screwdrivers. No idea why I have them I can only assume I’m preparing for middle age.

Hope you enjoyed that little trip around my man drawer. Carry on.

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