most expensive foods in the world

The 17 most expensive foods in the world

They are considered authentic gourmet gems that every lover of gastronomy should try at least once in a lifetime. Do you know what are the most expensive foods in the world?

If we told you to list the foods that you think are the most expensive that exist, many would go through the head of caviar, some seafood, perhaps a very special bottle of wine , but I do not think anyone thought of a melon that costs a whopping 6740 dollars a kilo or a mushroom that you can buy at a reasonable price of 23 dollars per unit.

Today we are going to explore our most gourmet and sybaritic side and we are going to make the list of the purchase of our dreams, including those foods that are the ranking of the most expensive on the planet.

Why do certain products have such high prices?

Many of these foods have this price because of their high quality, others justify it due to their scarcity and, in most cases, these two factors combined must be added that consumers love the exclusive (which in the end it also ends up impacting the final price of a product).

Marketing also has a lot to say when it comes to pricing these products because, let’s face it, just like any car lover dreams of driving a Ferrari sometime in his life, a foodie does it with trying a Beluga caviar that costs 250,000 dollars a kilo and that only a few privileged people can drink or that wine that is produced in exceptional vintages of which there are only a handful of numbered bottles in the market at an astronomical price. The exclusivity must be paid and is a marketing strategy most effective.

Would you dare with any of these gastro proposals? When you see the list of the most expensive foods in the world you will be surprised and (we warn you) you will want to try them. Of course, we assure you that not all the foods on our list can easily be found. Gastronomy lovers, prepare to salivate!

The most expensive foods in the world

Beef Kobemost expensive foods in the world

This meat comes from the oxen of the wagyu breed, from the Japanese region of Hyögo. It is an ox breed that arrived in Japan in the second century for work in rice fields.

This meat stands out for having a very special flavor, for its tenderness and texture. Tasting the Kobe meat supposes an outlay of between 100 and 400 dollars per kilo. Of course, we must be careful with the fraud when buying meat: in many places, they sell meat that is supposed to be Kobe, when in fact it does not come from Japan and therefore it is a deception to the consumer.

100% Iberian hammost expensive foods in the world

On the subject of Iberian ham, there would be a lot to talk about, considering that many consumers have trouble identifying a good Iberian ham. The 100% Iberian ham must be of Iberian breed (father and mother) and, in addition, it must have been fed on acorns that it has eaten walking freely in the pasture. In the new labeling would be the black label hams.

These characteristics make pure Iberian ham a very exclusive product, of excellent quality and of which there are not too many pieces in the market.

Specifically, the Manchado de Jabugo is a native Iberian pig variety in danger of extinction, of which there are very few specimens spread throughout Andalusia (Huelva) and Extremadura. Its organoleptic characteristics are exceptional with infiltrated fat, delicious flavor and texture. And, of course, this has a price: 560 dollars per kilo, which is 4600 dollars per piece.

Italian white trufflemost expensive foods in the world

To enjoy this gastronomic pleasure you have to travel to the area of Piedmont (Italy). It is a very exclusive truffle of which there are very few pieces. Its aroma and flavor are exceptional and its price too.

Taking a gourmet treat with Italian white truffles is something that only a privileged few can afford. Its price has exceeded diamonds. The most expensive is from a town in Piedmont called Alba and reached 112335 dollars per 752 grams.

Black chickenmost expensive foods in the world

This chicken is called Ayam Cemani, it is black and is the most expensive in the world, so much so that it is known as “the Lamborghini of poultry”. This chicken comes from Indonesia and its black color not only affects the plumage, but also the crest, nails, meat, and bones.

It is a breed whose origin is on the island of Java and has reached $ 2,500 per animal.

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Caviar Souls or white caviarmost expensive foods in the world

Caviar is a gourmet product but it exceeds all limits. It comes from the beluga sturgeon fish and is the most expensive caviar in the world.

The older the fish, the better the quality of the eggs. There is a race of sturgeon, called ” spindle spindle ” can live more than 150 years and its eggs are very appreciated. It has its origin in the Caspian Sea (Iran), the largest saltwater lake. The eggs are the size of a pea, whitish and a kilo can cost $ 25,000.

Kopi Luwak or Civet Cafemost expensive foods in the world

The one known as civet coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. Despite the fact that its origin can throw a little back, most coffee lovers want to try the famous kopi Luwak or civet coffee. It is one of the most expensive foods in the world.

This coffee comes from coffee beans that eat a wild civet and, after passing through the intestinal tract of the animal, are expelled among their feces, selected, cleaned and roasted. It seems that it has an exceptional flavor and that you have to pay for it. This coffee can reach prices that exceed 780 dollars per kilo in some countries, mainly the United States and Japan.

Yubari King Melonmost expensive foods in the world

These are melons that come from the island of Hokkaido in Japan. They were created in 1961 crossing fruits, only 200 units are produced per year and grown in greenhouses with a complex and secret irrigation facility that controls the temperature and purity of the water.

The first of the season are auctioned and the price reaches astronomical figures. In 2013 they sold for 5390 dollars per kilo. The highest sales figure was paid by a farmer in 2008 when he bought the first pair of melons for more than 20220 dollars.

Watermelon Densukemost expensive foods in the world

The Densuke watermelon is another summer fruit with the same origin as the King Yubari melon, the Japanese island of Hokkaido and only 10,000 units are produced per year for a privileged few. It is one of the most expensive foods in the world.

It is a black watermelon with a pink interior, which the lucky ones who have tried it say it is one of the best fruits in the world. They can cost 340 dollars per unit.

Pule cheesemost expensive foods in the world

The Pule cheese was considered in 2012 the most expensive cheese in the world. It is very special because it occurs only in the Zasavica nature reserve, in northern Belgrade.

It is made with milk that comes from a rare species of donkeys that are only in that area. A liter of this milk costs 47 dollars and to get a kilo of Pule cheese you need between 25 and 30 liters of milk. The summary is that the final price of this cheese can exceed 1123 dollars per kilo. Although it is said that it has come to pay up to 5620 dollars.

Saffron of the Stainmost expensive foods in the world

The saffron Manch to a full-blown gourmet product. It is known as ‘gold in strands’ and is considered the best saffron in the world. It is one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Both the collection and treatment of saffron flowers are completely manual processes. Each flower has only 3 stigmas, so 185,000 flowers are needed to collect a kilo. This makes a kilo of saffron cost 3370 dollars.

AurumRed Gold Series

Bypassing the wines of special and very old vintages that can cost up to 224670 dollars in some auctions, the most expensive wine in the world is Manchego. Yes, you are reading it well. The AurumRed Gold Series is a red wine that is made in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca) and only 250 very well selected vines are those that produce the 300 bottles of this gourmet wine that go to the market every year.

It is a wine that falls in love with the Chinese public and its high price is due, on the one hand, to the shortage of production and, on the other, to its high quality, as to the elaboration process in which pyramidology and ozone therapy are used. The price of each bottle does not fall below 17970 dollars.

Bluefin tunamost expensive foods in the world

This fish is called Kuromaguro and is an endangered species. Sucarne, with a soft texture and intense flavor, enamors the most gourmand palates. It’s the price? A kilo of bluefin tuna costs $ 2,600. It is one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Oolong tea or blue teamost expensive foods in the world

This tea comes directly from China and is known as “Iron Goddess”. Its floral flavor with touches of orchids makes tea lovers fall in love. A kilo of this precious tea can cost $ 3,000.

Potato La Bonnettemost expensive foods in the world

A potato among the most expensive foods in the world? You are right. La Bonnotte potato is grown in Noirmoutier, an island on the French coast located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a small potato that is fertilized with seaweed, which gives them a pleasant salty touch. Its collection is at the beginning of May and it is totally manual. Only 100 tons are produced per year, so there are many haute cuisine chefs who want to have them in their kitchen. This has made some years have cost 2800 dollars per kilo.

Matsutake mushroomsmost expensive foods in the world

These are wild mushrooms that grow in pine forests of different countries. The expensive ones are those that come from Japan, where the pine forests are rather scarce. Its aroma is what determines its price. The higher the aroma of this mushroom, the more expensive the kilo.

A copy has cost 20 dollars and can reach 2245 dollars per kilo.

Acqua di Cristallo ‘Tributo a Modigliani’most expensive foods in the world

A bottle of water costs a modest price of $ 60,000. The bottle itself has been designed by Fernando Altamirano and the water comes from France, the Fiji Islands and an Iceland glacier, in addition, it carries 5 milligrams of 23 karat gold dust. It is one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Part of the price is due to the bottle, an imitation of a Modigliani sculpture. The company also markets other cheaper versions in silver, glass and other materials that fall to 3930 dollars.

Pufferfish or fugumost expensive foods in the world

The pufferfish or, as it is known in Japanese cuisine, fugu is the most expensive (and lethal) fish in the world. Its high price is more than justified by the danger involved and the few chefs who can legally work this raw material. In fact, its price is an indication of being taking real pufferfish. Try this gourmet fad exceeds $ 100 per diner.

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