Outdoor Terracotta Planters

When buying a container, you should think not only about its appearance, but also how to reliably fix it. In addition to dropping flowers in a box outside the window, there is another option – to buy baskets that are fixed on the hook. Whatever you choose, is it a basket or a container, they should be arranged so that the window opens and closes freely. The site https://getpotted.com/ has all the necessary products for growing flowers outside the window. Pots with flowers outside the window on the loggia or balcony – this is not only an interesting design solution, but also a way to save and increase the number of plants. If the installation of the suspension is carried out correctly, it will be convenient to take care of flowers without disturbing the neighbors of the lower floors. The most important thing that you should pay attention to when installing boxes is a properly selected holder. 

Some people prefer outdoor terracotta planters attached to the facade of the house with metal fasteners. But this option is often inconvenient: a lot of plants can not fit in the pot; it is difficult to secure it securely. Therefore, we recommend using flower boxes with a more standard color for these purposes. Materials from which they were produce are different:

  • Ceramic.
  • Plastic.
  • Wood.
  • Metal.

To extend the life of wooden boxes, on the outside, cover them with the paint of any neutral color of light tones. The color of the box should not be distracting. If you choose a white color, or any shades of brown, then the box and flowers in it will merge. On the background of a box, flowers or greenery will be in the foreground, and the box will be able to emphasize their perfection. From the inside, the box is recommended to burn a bit with a blowtorch for a longer life of the wood. The most popular choice is outdoor terracotta planters. Terra cotta in Latin means “burned land.” This is a reddish-red color, the color of baked clay. Terracotta color refers to dark orange shades. Terracotta is included in the range of “warm” and “cozy” color shades. This is a red-brown range, in which colors range from brick to caramel, cinnabar and light brown. Terracotta, brick, rust color creates a feeling of home, peace, coziness. These shades are very close to each other. Pottery – pots, jugs, cups, dishes – all this mean thing in the house. A brick is also means the warmth of the house. The characteristics of the terracotta color are the disposable, reliable and traditional. So this color is more popular for windows pots.

Important factors are holders for pots, because it will be the safety of your planter. Holders can have both mobile and removable design. In this situation, a beam of reinforcement and a crossbeam is installed on the cornice. This will strengthen the holder of any design on the balcony without the use of additional mounting. Modern holders at Getpotted.com are equipped with specialized hooks, which allow strengthening the structure on the rails of the loggia or balcony.

You can stop the choice on wooden or ceramic flower boxes – durable, presentable, able to protect the bulbs, hibernating in the street, from frosts. But remember: filled with ground mixture, they become quite heavy. Choosing a box for flowers, it is important that the plants feel comfortable. In the heat, their roots should not overheat: high temperatures dry the root system of the flower and it dies. Pay attention to the durability of the material and take into account that an attractive price for thin plastic – quickly burns out in the sun and loses its appearance. And he is unlikely to protect the roots of plants from summer heat.

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