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Home Wall Murals are EASY to create and there is a variety of ways to get them onto your walls.

If you have a game room and you’re looking for a way to spice it up or if you feel like waking up on the beach every morning then you must give home wall murals a try. They can take you to far away lands like Japan or a Tropical Paradise. Or they can get you into the game with your favorite sport wall murals. Heck you can even have large murals made from your own photos believe it or not.

Think about it for a second. You’re creating your one of a kind game room and instead of adding a ton of posters and pictures to every wall you leave one wall blank and add a cool wall mural that goes along with your room theme.

Home Wall Murals: Give Your Room The Respect It Deserves!

You’ve worked hard to make your room a beautiful work of art and that goes for bedrooms, bathrooms and game rooms. Now you want to add something to it that goes above what “average” homes have and a fun mural will do just that.

Don’t be afraid of wall murals either, they’re pretty darn easy to get on the wall. You can do it yourself with stencils or paint by number kits and if you’re still feeling a little shaky then you can even have a wall mural made out of your favorite digital photograph.

So get in the game, the jungle, that far away exotic land or wherever your heart desires and get serious about adding some murals to any room that you need to wake up. Or take an existing room you love up a notch in creativity and fun.

How To Draw Wall Murals
That Are Easy To Draw And Look Great !

If you want to learn How To Draw Wall Murals then keep on reading. Wall Murals make just about any room come alive especially Home Game Rooms and Children’s Rooms. They’re actually pretty easy to draw and paint so don’t shy away from adding a wall mural to your room. Tackle the project head on and when you’re finished you won’t believe how great it looks even if it’s your first time drawing one.

How To Draw Wall Murals

Drawing a wall mural is basically like painting by number and everyone knows even young kids can paint by number.

And yes there are even paint by number wall mural kits available but this page is about how to use an overhead projector for creating your wall mural.

Using An Overhead Projector

One of the easiest ways to add wall murals to your home is with an overhead projector. So what you’ll first need is an outline sketch of the mural you want to draw. You can find sketches or pictures of murals you want to draw just about anywhere. For example from computer graphic software, coloring books, magazines and so on.

The key to making a good mural this way is your tracing ability. You need to find the outline you like and then trace it onto a transparency sheet with special transparency markers. The reason you do this is so that with the use of an overhead projector your traced picture will show up on the wall.

So you’ve traced your picture onto a transparency sheet and you now have it on the projector shining your trace onto your wall. This time you need to trace that same picture onto your wall with a pencil. Just try to do this in one step otherwise you’ll have to line up the drawing again placing the projector in exactly the same location. And remember you can make the picture on your wall as large or as small as you’d like depending on the distance the overhead projector is from the wall.

If you don’t have access to an overhead projector don’t worry, most office supply stores have them to rent or buy and sometimes a library may have old ones to borrow or sell so it’s a good idea to inquire with them.

PAINT TO USE – Use acrylic paint to color in your wall mural as it looks the best. Although it’s recommended you may have to go over your paint job more than once to get your desired look. It is ok to use regular wall paint if you’re doing a “large” mural but for details stick to the acrylics.

Your first try may not come out like a Picasso but don’t worry most of your family and friends won’t even know you did it yourself. You can always redo your murals easily and after you’ve done a few you’ll wonder why you’ve never added one before.

Create Amazing
California Redwood Wall Murals!

California Redwood Wall Murals

You may find it a bit difficult to find California Redwood Wall Murals but don’t worry you can create one EASILY ENOUGH.

There is more than one way to get a nice looking wall mural onto your wall. From painting by number to taking your own photographs below you’ll learn about some ways to get the painted wall mural of your dreams into your home.

Some ways are EASY TO DO. Other ways are more difficult. But in the end with a little patience you’ll be able to come up with the best way to get California Redwood Wall Murals into your home.

Fun Ways To Create: California Redwood Wall Murals

Easy To Do Projector Transfer

This is one of the easiest ways to get your California Redwood Wall Murals onto your walls. This is especially good if you can’t find a Redwood Wall Mural Painting Kit.

Basically you take an image of the California Redwoods either from a photo you’ve taken, a magazine, picture book or wherever you can find one and transfer that image to a transparency sheet. Local copy stores can usually do the transferring for you. Once you have the image of your California Redwood Mural on transparency all you need to do is get an overhead projector to project that image onto the wall of your choice.

Move the projector nearer or further away for the wall to get the desired size of your mural and then paint. It’s easiest to use Acrylic Paints which can be bought just about anywhere and for a base use a coat of latex paint.

Easy To Follow Stencil Kits

You may not have given stencils a second thought but there are a variety of Stencil Wall Mural Kits out there. For a California Redwood Wall Mural you may find it difficult to find exactly what you need but you can use various stencil wall mural methods to create some aspects of the Redwood Wall Mural by purchasing individual stencils themselves to add a little spice to your work.

Paint By Number Wall Mural

Again there are a lot of paint by number wall mural kits out there. They come with a pattern that you EASILY transfer to your wall then with your paints you simply paint by number. Is there one specific to California Redwoods? Possibly but there are a number of paint by number wall mural kits for forest and wooded scenes that may be what you’d want.

**Create Custom California Redwood Wall Murals**

Possible “THE BEST” way to get the mural of your dreams on your wall is to have it custom done. Yes they’ll cost more than do it yourself mural kits but the results will be amazing and they’ll last.

There are companies that will create custom murals from your own artwork or photos. Of course you’ll need to either transfer that photo to them electronically or mail it to them. If your digital image isn’t of high quality it may be hard to get a large sized mural, the same goes with photos, the smaller the photo the smaller the mural, as simple as that.

Usually these murals are hung similar to the way wallpaper is hung. Also some may be pre-pasted while others are pasted prior to hanging. Of course you’ll need a smooth way to hang this type of wall mural. If you don’t have one you can EASILY CREATE one with “Liner Paper”. This paper is blank wallpaper and it will create the smooth surface you’ll need to hang your California Redwood Wall Murals.


Before purchasing any type of mural kit make sure you read all the specifications that come with it. Also it’s “VERY IMPORTANT” to hang your wall murals on a smooth surface. You don’t want any cracks or bumps as it’ll make it difficult to hang and easier to ruin in the long run. And note that the best type of paint to coat your walls before hanging your California Redwood Wall Murals is a flat latex paint.

Adding a California Redwood Wall Mural is just another GREAT GAME ROOM DECORATING IDEA for your home.

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You’re On The Beach Watching The Sunset
Hawaiian Wall Murals Will Take You There 24/7!

Hawaiian Wall Murals

Yes, Hawaiian Wall Murals will have you thinking you’re sitting on the beach. All you need to do is put on a little luau music and sit back with your favorite fruity drink and you’ll be whisked away to beautiful Hawaii even if you’re sitting in your room as the snow falls outside.

There are various ways to get some wonderful Hawaiian Themed Wall Murals into your home and none of them are really that hard. Although some can be a little time consuming they’re well worth the effort.

From paint by number mural kits, basic stencils, pasting, hanging or creating your own custom Mural you’ll find a way that’s right for you below.

Hawaii Is Calling So Pick Up The Phone
Fun Hawaiian Wall Murals That Brighten Your Home

Hawaiian Wall Murals To Hang!

One of the simplest ways to add a wall mural to your home is one that you buy already done. There are various ways to hang the mural but the most common is to paste it on your wall. You’ll need a flat wall and must prepare it by painting two coats of flax white latex paint. This will help the murals stay on for years.

Hanging wall murals are very bright and vibrant and just as good as ones you could hand paint yourself. If you don’t want to go through a lot of trouble with wall murals or don’t consider yourself an artist then a Wall Mural that’s store bought is a great way to go.

Project Hawaii Onto Your Walls

Simple and effective, projecting your favorite Hawaiian image onto your wall will help you get the perfect mural for your room.

Basically you turn your favorite Hawaiian picture whether from a magazine, book or photograph you’ve taken and make it a transparency sheet for an overhead projector. Most office supply stores can create these for you.

Next borrow an overhead projector from a friend, library, office supply store or purchase one if you want to do a lot of murals and get to work. All you need to do is project that Hawaiian image onto your prepped wall and start to trace. If you want the image larger move the projector further away, smaller then move it closer.

And the best paint to use for any wall mural is Acrylic Paint found at just about every hardware store. Also remember to coat your walls with a flat white latex paint to hold the picture/paint better.

Paint By Number Hawaiian Murals

Just like a color by number coloring book, paint by number murals are the exact same concept but on a grander scale. Some of these paint by number mural kits even come with the paint and patterns included. Simply attach the pattern to your wall and follow the paint by number instructions. You may or may not find the right image for your Hawaiian wall murals but if you don’t then the next way to create your mural will help.

**Custom Hawaiian Wall Murals**

Custom made Hawaiian Wall Murals may actually be the best way to go. They are made from photos you’ve taken so it makes the mural even more special. Sometimes it’s a little more costly but well worth it since you have history with the mural.

There are companies that can build custom wall murals right from your artwork, digital photos and even regular photo-paper photos. Most companies will accept electronic photos over email also and if not you can always send your Hawaiian image into them. But remember the smaller the photo you send the smaller your mural will be as an image can only go so large before loosing it’s crispness.

Hung like wallpaper they may or may not come pre-pasted. Again ask the manufacturer how they send their murals to you and what you’ll need to do to get it looking perfect on your walls. Don’t forget to prep your walls too. And IF you have a bumpy wall there is a solution, a paper called “Liner Paper” will cover bumps and cracks giving you a smooth surface to hang your mural.

Stencil Kits

For adding onto your Hawaiian Wall Murals you can always go with a stencil kit. Some come with total murals while others have stencils to add objects and pictures to your already existing wall mural.

And Always Remember To Follow Directions

Always read directions before hanging your Hawaiian Wall Murals. As each company has specific ways to hang their murals or paint their murals. You don’t want to make a mistake and have to redo them. Use flax white latex paint to prep walls and always make sure you have a flat surface.

Create Exciting
Paris Scenes Wall Murals!

Paris Scenes Wall Murals

Paris Scenes Wall Murals can be created in a few different ways. All of which is easily done with a little time and patience.

Whether you’d prefer a simple to do Paris Scene that is done with a paint by number mural kit, a stencil mural or even a one of a kind custom mural there is a way to add your wall mural that will suit your needs.

Again some ways to create murals are easier than others but it’s really about the end result that matters! Adding Paris Scenes Wall Murals to a room in your home is about to BECOME EASIER THAN YOU 

Simple To Create: Paris Scenes Wall Murals

Easy To Follow Stencil Kits

For Paris Scenes Wall Murals you may want to use a stencil wall mural kit or individual stencils themselves to enhance your “Paris Scene”.

Basically like smaller stencils but on a larger scale you outline and add designs to your walls. Again there are whole kits or individual stencils that will help you spice up your Paris Scene Wall Mural.

Simply Project An Image Onto Your Wall!

Yes this is a very efficient and simple way to add Paris Scenes Wall Murals onto just about any wall in your home. Once the walls are prepped of course.

All you need to do is find your favorite Paris Scene either from a magazine, book or photo you’ve taken and turn it into a transparency sheet. You can create transparencies at local copy/office stores usually.

After you have your image on a transparency all you need to do is set up an overhead projector that can be bought and sometimes rented out. Next simply project your Paris Scene Image onto your wall and begin to trace. This is a really easy way to create Paris Scenes Wall Murals. Plus you can decide on the size you want, move the projector closer to the wall for a smaller mural and further away for a larger mural to outline.

And remember to keep your Paris Scenes Wall Murals looking sharp use Acrylic Paint usually found in just about any department or hardware store. Also make sure the base paint for your wall is a flat latex paint.

Wall Murals And Painting By Number

When you were a child you probably had a color/paint by number books. This is the exact same thing but on a larger scale. There are Paint By Number Mural Kits that come with patterns and sometimes the paint also. All you need to do is tape up the pattern and follow the painting instructions for each area to paint. Will you find Paris Scenes Wall Murals in paint by number kits? Yes but they may not be the exact scene you want and in that case take a look at the next solution.

**Creating Customized Paris Scenes Wall Murals**

A little more expensive way of adding Paris Scenes Wall Murals to your walls is having murals custom made. It may cost a little more but the finished results should look amazing and last a long time.

Various companies create custom murals direct from your artwork and photos both digital and hard copy. You can either transfer the photos to these companies electronically or send them your hard copy photo or art print to copy. A drawback may be that if your digital image is small in size or your photo is 3×5 the Paris Scenes Wall Murals the company creates may not be large enough for your liking. Talk to the company directly and see what their size requirements are. Basically the smaller the image, the smaller the wall mural may be.

Although they’re relatively simply to hang you want to be careful and take time when hanging these custom murals. Basically hung like wallpaper they’ll either come pre-pasted or you’ll have to add a paste just before you apply them to the wall. And remember you need to have a smooth surface to hang your Paris Scenes Wall Murals also and if you don’t there is a solution. You can use “Liner Paper” which basically covers bumps and cracks giving you the surface you need to hang or paint your mural.

Don’t Forget

Please don’t forget that when buying any type of wall mural kit to make sure you read all the directions and small print. It’s very important to know what you exactly need to do to make your wall mural look its best. Make sure you have a smooth surface, that’s very important to keep it looking great. Also it’s best to coat your walls with a flat latex paint before adding your mural. One coat for sure and two to be safe, this way your Paris Scenes Wall Murals will have you drifting away for years to come.

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