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If you have some legal matters to take care of, then you’re probably looking for a trusted solicitor to represent you. While you’re looking, here are some songs about law to inspire you:

Law Of The Land – The Temptations

The nation is governed by laws and regulations and if these aren’t adhered to you can often find yourself in some serious trouble depending on the type of infringement. Whether you need help with conveyancing, an employment matter or even divorce, you’ll need an expert who knows the law inside out. Most members of the public know the basics but don’t understand the technicalities. When you’re looking for ascot solicitors, go to a site like Parachute Law

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The Law Is For The Protection Of The People – Kris Kristofferson

Laws are in place to keep us safe from all kinds of things like unfair working practices, forgery, scams, theft, being taken advantage of and bodily harms, for example. It also provides assistance to people accused of crimes to guarantee a fair hearing as this is a human right. Law is essential for the functioning of society.

Put The Law On You – Natalie Merchant

If you believe you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly by an employer or corporation, you can seek legal recourse against them. There are many ways to ‘put the law’ on someone or an organisation, such as in cases of defamation or even in the small claims court.

The Whole Of The Law – Yo La Tengo

Whilst solicitors will train in all parts of the law, many will later specialise into certain areas such as family law or conveyancing. When you know which branch of law your issue relates to, it;s a good idea to find a solicitor who specialises in that area of law. This guarantees that you have a solicitor working on your behalf who completely understands the ins and outs of that field of law.

Above The Law – Barry Gibb & Barbra Streisand

Nobody is above the law and those who knowingly break it will eventually find themselves in hot water! If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you’ll want to find a good criminal lawyer to represent you.

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Law And Order – Stiff Little Fingers

There’s a lot to be said for law and order. Without rules and regulations, society would be a much less safe and rather anarchic state of affairs. Without the legal system, people would have nowhere to turn to seek justice when they have been wronged. It helps to protect our money, our jobs, our education standards and our healthcare provisions.

Love Is The Only Law – Ziggy Marley

Whilst a noble notion, love is not the only law that affects society. There are areas of law for literally every sphere of human existence. For example, laws relating to the cars we drive, the way we drive, how we buy property, how we separate from spouses and for when we want to start businesses. Whatever life event you need legal help for, be sure to find a solicitor with a great reputation.

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