Could tomorrow’s HR function be delivered by robots?

In an age of digital transformation, all sorts of businesses are adopting different types of services and tools to boost productivity and improve workflows. Some companies are even going as far as using artificial intelligence (AI) in the automation of repetitive tasks.

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Whilst some tasks can only be completed by in-house teams or HR outsourcing services, there are some areas of human resources where artificial intelligence is being employed. The recruitment process is one of these areas, with the likes of Thomsons Online Benefits advocating AI.

James Akers, the company’s director of product management, said that many admin-heavy processes that once took up the time of HR professionals are now being automated to save time and resources.

Making jobs easier

Outsourcing companies such as and in-house teams are always looking for ways to streamline processes and maximise efficiency, with many digital tools now employed. These include the likes of interactive platforms that staff can access to view everything from pension information to health initiative facts and figures.

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These interactive platforms can enable workers to engage better with their organisation without placing any sort of administrative burden on HR professionals. The National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses (FSB) explains more about the importance of employee engagement.

Another increasingly-used tool is digital feedback software, which gives employers real-time updates relating to the experience and sentiment of employees. This enables HR professionals to feed back data insights and make recommendations on the best way to deal with issues before they escalate. This is much more effective in rectifying issues than an annual survey, for example.

Digital development and learning tools are also proving to be increasingly popular. These web-based services are extremely convenient and can ensure that a consistent service is provided, even if a company’s offices are on different sides of the world.

The AI boom

Many HR professionals are already using AI and the field looks set to grow. Machine learning can make sifting through applications a breeze, evaluating candidates on everything from experience and qualifications to hobbies.

This means that a shortlist of potential candidates can be compiled in just minutes, whereas this task could take many hours if it had to be completed by a human who needed to read page after page of candidate information and data.


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