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What Are the Health Benefits of Incorporating Whey Proteins into the Diet?

It is impossible to achieve fitness goals by only following a workout regime. You should maximise the effects of a workout by giving your body the required muscle-building nutrients for proper recovery.

One such product that can aid weight loss, increase satiety and preserve lean mass is whey protein. You can get a wide variety of whey supplements like slower-digesting casein, protein isolate, and protein concentrate to meet your needs. Also, the use of whey proteins is not limited to fitness fanatics and bodybuilders. Such proteins have numerous health benefits and can be used by people with varying bodily requirements.

The following section can provide insight into their benefits. If you’re considering incorporating whey supplements into your diet, read the following section.

Source of high-quality protein

Whey is separated from milk during cheese production. It is a high-quality protein comprising all the essential amino acids. Also, whey proteins are easily digestible and absorbed by the gut much quicker than other proteins.

So, if you do intense workouts daily, whey supplements can help you get the required amount of protein for the body to function.

Promotes muscle growth

Ageing causes a reduction in muscle mass, weight gain, and increased risk of chronic diseases. But by consuming whey protein and doing strength training, you can prevent or slow down such changes in body composition.

Whey is a high-quality protein rich in leucine, the amino acid that promotes growth and prevents age-related muscle loss.

Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure often results in several cardiovascular diseases.

Studies indicate that the consumption of dairy products results in reduced blood pressure. The reason is the presence of bioactive peptides or ACE inhibitors in dairy.

The ACE inhibitors in whey proteins are lactokinins that positively impact lowering blood pressure.

Treat type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes leads to impaired insulin function and increased blood sugar levels. Insulin is responsible for stimulating blood sugar uptake to cells and keeping it within healthy limits.

The properties of whey protein are similar to diabetes medication like sulfonylurea. Hence, whey proteins are considered supplementary treatment to type 2 diabetes. Taking whey supplements with or before high-carb meals is found to moderate blood sugar levels in healthy people and those with type-2 diabetes.

Enhance antioxidant defences

Antioxidants work against the body’s oxidation and lower oxidative stress and the risks of several chronic diseases.

A vital antioxidant present in the human body is glutathione. But glutathione production depends on the supply of an essential amino acid named cysteine. Whey proteins are rich in cysteine, which can improve your body’s natural antioxidant defence.

Lose weight

An ideal weight loss strategy emphasises reduced carbs and increased protein intake. Protein promotes fat loss by suppressing appetite and causing calorie deficit, boosting metabolism, and maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.

Whey proteins can be particularly effective in maintaining satiety and burning fats than other proteins.

Reduce inflammation

While inflammation is the body’s natural way of responding to damage, you need to be mindful so that it doesn’t get chronic. Chronic inflammation can be a risk factor for a host of diseases. Taking whey supplements in high doses can reduce C-reactive protein, which is a key factor in causing inflammation.

You can easily incorporate whey proteins into your diet by adding the powder in yoghurt or your favourite smoothie. Or, you can have it with a glass of milk or add it to plain water. However, remember to follow the recommended dosage as too much protein intake may have some adverse effects.

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