How a stroke can affect your body

A stroke occurs when there is a blood clot that occurs in the brain, and this can cause numbness, weakness and even paralysis in one side of the body. Other symptoms that can occur include slurred speech, confusion, blurred vision and changes in sensations in the body. It is important that anyone experiencing these symptoms seeks medical attention as soon as possible. The quicker an individual receives medical support, the better their chances of recovery.

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A stroke causes damage to brain cells in the area where the stroke takes place, and this means that they no longer work in the way they used to. The area of the brain that is affected will then determine what symptoms and long-term affect the person experiences. For example, if your mobility is affected and you need support from some Disability Aids like the ones from Ability Superstore this means the area of your brain that was affected by the stroke was responsible for movement.

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Weakness and paralysis are two of the most common symptoms of a stroke, and this often occurs in just one side of the body. Physiotherapy and other treatments can help the individual to regain some of the function and strength in the side of the body that is affected.

Speech and language can also be affected by a stroke, and speech therapy can help people to regain their words once again. Other areas that can be impacted can include balance, the bladder and bowels, swallowing, vision and mental processing.

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