I Will Take the Following SEO Steps

If you own a small business, you have probably said to yourself on many occasions that today is the day you will work harder or smarter with your marketing. I know I certainly have. The year 2019 is the year that I am going to make SEO a priority and work in a systematic way to secure better rankings for my e-commerce website.

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A Simple SEO Strategy

SEO isn’t really a confusing field as such, but there are a lot of things that you need to do, and every time I sit down to ‘do SEO’ I find that I can’t decide where to start. That’s why I’ve put together an SEO strategy. My plan for this year is as follows.

Revamp My Website

This is an important step. My website has not been touched in several years, and it is not mobile-friendly, so thanks to Mobilegeddon it is in danger of fading away into obscurity. So this year I am hiring a new website design company and getting a more responsive, easy to navigate and fast-loading site designed.

Some Companies specialize in working with small businesses and are ideal for any business owner that wants to bring their website up to scratch in the modern era.

Get Serious About Content

There’s no point in updating your website once every few months. People who come to your website want to see updates on a regular basis – otherwise they will think that your company is not active. That’s why I’ve started posting once every two weeks. Ideally, I’d like to post more, but this schedule is consistent, and it means that I can post high-quality updates each time. Of course, if there’s something important to say earlier than that, then there’s no harm in an extra post. I suppose I could contact seo belfast agency ryco marketing who provide SEO Belfast way though to double check im doing this correctly.

Make Time for Link Building

I’ve allotted a little time each week towards looking for places to get links from. Link exchanges and link networks are something that should be avoided, but using content marketing, guest blogging, news submissions and sponsorships, it’s possible to get high-quality links from authoritative sources. A link or two a week goes a long way.

Never Give Up

This SEO strategy involves developing just a few good habits. Stick to them for a full year, and see where you end up!

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