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3 Expert Tips to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Washroom!

Every city is defined by the history it has endured and lived. Sydney, which was once under the control of colonial settlers, saw a great deal of transformation in its architectural style, too.

From low-rise structures to Federation-style cottages and then the popularity of Californian Bungalows – Sydney’s suburbs saw all the radical changes. Today, the city is enveloped in projects that have a very modern and unconventional take.

People are leaning toward the influence of Western society, which shows in their minimalistic and practical approach.

Thus, it is no surprise that bathroom renovations in Sydney are now taking an off-beat and uncustomary route.

Now, if you are looking for ideas and tips to help you through your bathroom remodelling phase, we’ve got you covered!

1.    Always Go for an Open and Functional Design

Bathroom makeovers do not have to be exhausting and time-consuming. You don’t necessarily need some out-of-the-box ideas to transform your ordinary-looking washroom.

What’s essential is that your washroom must exude comfort and should set the tone for the rest of your day.

Most of us start our days in our washroom, quickly freshening up and jumping in the shower before heading to work. So, creating a cosy sanctuary-like space is significant.

So, start by thinking about how you can make your washroom light and airy. Make use of monochromatic colours that go easy on your eyes. You can use tiles that run from the floor to the ceiling.

Line up mirrors on the wall and put a backlight behind them, use a glass shower door, and choose a high gloss paint that would reflect light beautifully.

As for functionality purposes, you can set up modern cabinetry that complements the colour of the washroom walls while adding to the overall beauty.

2.    Prepare for the Future

Most people don’t remember this when designing or revamping their washroom space, but it’s essential to consider your future requirements.

It takes around $21,484 to renovate a washroom in Australia. That’s a lot of money you mustn’t put in unless you are absolutely sure about it!

So, ensure that your washroom renovation does not only fit the bill for your present needs but also accommodates your future requirements. This inadvertently means that choosing traditional designs might not be a great idea. They might not offer a significant level of accessibility, which is crucial as you grow old.

Make sure to install toilets, showers and enhanced lighting that adhere to the accessibility standards in Australia.

3.    Don’t Forget About the Small Details

Sometimes minor details occupy the most prominent space in our minds.

When renovating your washroom, think about the overall aesthetic you plan to achieve. Even changing the colour and design of your towels can provide a renewed charm to your overall washroom look.

For example, if you choose plain white towels, they create a spa-like, peaceful environment. On the other hand, if you want a pop of colour in your washroom without a longstanding commitment, you can pick a colourful towel. Bonus- they stain less, too!

Another thing that might improve your washroom’s aesthetic is vanity. Pick something that blends well with the backdrop.

Your washroom should offer you a quick getaway chance to retreat in tranquillity and switch off from the outside world.

So, when planning for bathroom renovations in Sydney, you don’t necessarily have to think big and bold, like tile installations or new bathtubs. These changes can be minimal, like adding fresh towels, putting up attractive mirrors, etc.

Well, as long as it helps create a rejuvenating escape space for you, it’s all good!

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