best tattoo ideas

The best tattoo ideas to tattoo your brown skin

The best tattoo ideas to tattoo your brown skin. The brown skins are the most difficult to tattoo, but that does not mean they can not wear well-defined tattoos and strong colors. However, the smallest, those that contain fine lines or light tones are not the most suitable for these skins, they are diffuse and not very recognizable. If you have dark skin and are thinking about getting a tattoo , check out our ideas and above all, look for an expert tattooist in your skin type. This tattoo made you more stylist.

best tattoo ideas

Tattoo ideas for dark skin

  1. Tribal 

This type of tattoos feel wonderful to the brunettes . They are usually made using black and gray inks and also have clear and strong lines that make them much more defined in this type of skin. Choose your tribal carefully depending on whether you are looking for a symbol of protection or one that represents the passage to adult life, for example. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Names 

Tattooing the names of your family and friends may be a good idea for darker skins. However, keep in mind that in this case the tattoo has to be large so that the letters are well distinguished, so look for an area of ​​the body where you can wear it as you deserve. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Flores 

They look better in black and white, with gradients of gray to give them volume and texture. If you want the flowers to be very colorful, it will be more difficult to achieve and you will have to find an expert in this technique. The large bunches of flowers on the back and shoulders, for example, look great. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Geometric

By having clear and well-defined lines , as long as they are not too thin, they are suitable for dark skins. Avoid combining too many different shapes in a single tattoo and opt for simpler forms that look better. For example, a tattoo with the different phases with a schematic design will look great. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Animals

If you want to wear a tattoo with your favorite animal , go ahead. The only thing you have to take into account when choosing the design with your tattoo artist is the color and size. As we have already said, it is better that you choose a black and white drawing that is large. That way it will look much better. It is one of the best tattoo ideas. Find more ideas like this in here- The Style Tribune

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