Does Your Brand Need a Celebrity Endorsement? 

A celebrity endorsement seems a good way to boost your sales, but is it as beneficial as you’d like? We have weighed up the pros and cons and present you with the important things to consider if you’re thinking about celebrity endorsement for your brand.

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1. Fans vs Non-Fans

Celebrities can have millions of followers on social media. From Twitter to Instagram, they have it covered. One word from an influential star and, as if by magic, the most obscure articles can become the next best thing. Whilst fans are almost guaranteed to want to get their hands on their favourite influencer’s latest offerings, what about non-fans? This can be a difficult market to get into which could have a negative impact on your expected sales. A good tip is to search for branding agency Gloucestershire to obtain expert help and advice from those in the know.

2. Good Press vs Bad Press

Choosing the right celebrity is paramount to your campaign’s success. It’s important to select someone with consistent reliability. Whilst the model celebrity can produce desirable headlines, the opposite can have an adverse effect on your brand. Drunkenness and being outspoken about political or religious topics can turn people off a celebrity and the products they endorse. Here is a success story showing how Meghan Markle boosted the sales of a baby product after the birth of baby Archie, and the impact this has had on the brand she chose:

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3. Budget vs Sales

Budget is a large consideration when selecting the type of celebrity you’d like as an ambassador for your brand. A-listers can demand huge fees – the Kardashians for example, charge in the region of £1million per endorsement. It’s important to gain advice before you make any big budget decisions to ensure the sales come flooding in as forecast. A knowledgeable and experienced company such as a branding agency will do your research for you and take you through the whole process. Correct research and sound advice could prevent your business from making costly decisions.

Preparation is key if you decide to go ahead with a celebrity endorsement. Small brands can be swamped with sales. Expect high volumes of web traffic and sold-out products. Choosing the right branding team can help you avoid the pitfalls involved in what can be a lucrative decision.

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