study for the GRE

How long to study for the GRE

There are two types of GRE:  GRE Revised General Test and the GRE Subject Test.

Here we will talk about the GRE General, as it is the most accepted exam in the world for admission to both postgraduate and business programs. If you plan to study an MBA, do not assume that you must submit the GMAT. Most programs accept both exams.

study for the GRE

An outstanding score definitely increases your chances of admission to the most competitive universities in the world. Your score is also used to decide whom to grant scholarships and offer financial aid.

As it is a standardized exam, the GRE serves to compare you objectively against other applicants to graduate programs.

The GRE measures your verbal and mathematical reasoning, your critical thinking ability, reading comprehension and your writing skills.

Structure of the GRE and types of questions that each section contains:

– Analytical Writing: Two essays, Analysis of a problem and Analysis of an argument. You have 30 minutes to write each essay.

– Verbal Reasoning: Two sections with 20 questions per section. You have 30 minutes to answer each section. The types of questions are from Sentence Equivalence, Reading Comprehension, and Text Completion.

– Quantitative Reasoning: Two sections with 20 questions per section. You have 35 minutes to answer each section. Topics included are Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Interpretation of graphs and Word problems. The questions come in traditional formats, as a multiple choice and give a numerical answer, and the own format of the Quantitative Comparison GRE.

The GRE lasts approximately 3 hours 45 minutes. Although they will ask you to calculate 5 hours for the entire process. You may also like to read

What does it mean for the GRE to be an adaptive exam?

That the exam adapts the level of difficulty of the verbal and math sections to the level of the student who is taking the exam. If in the first verbal section you did very well, the questions in the second section will be more difficult. But this means that they will also give you the opportunity to get a higher score. On the other hand, if the first section of mate did very badly, the questions in the second section will be easier but you will get a lower score

Where does the GRE appear?

This exam is offered at approximately 850 test centers in more than 160 countries. The validity of your score is 5 years.

Where to start preparing?

  1. Before you start studying, take a practice test to determine your initial level and to familiarize yourself with the exam. The most accurate diagnosis of your initial level will be obtained by making one of the tests that the company that administers the GRE.
  2. The next step is to determine your target score. A good parameter is to investigate the average score of students accepted to the programs where you plan to apply for admission. For example, students accepted to the most competitive programs in the world have average scores above 90%.
  3. If your score is not what you need, you should analyze your diagnostic test to determine the areas in which you can improve and design a study plan according to the time you have to prepare, your initial score and your objective score.

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