Is a Drain Survey Worth It?

When buying a property, it is important to know where the drains are located. Untreated drains can lead to expensive repairs and unexpected costs. Additionally, unreported blockages can cause structural problems inside and outside the property. Having a drain survey performed by a professional is an excellent idea to ensure the drains in your property are functioning properly.

A drain survey can save you money by identifying problems before they escalate into major repairs. It can also help you get insurance cover. The cost of drain surveys is very low and is well worth the investment. In some cases, mortgage lenders will ask for a drain survey before they approve a mortgage. For details on CCTV Drainage Surveys Kingsbury, consider a company like Wilkinson Environmental

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Another benefit of drain surveys is the peace of mind they can provide. Drains need to work efficiently in order for a home to stay dry and comfortable. Having a CCTV drain survey performed will help you identify problems before they cause damage. It will also show you if the drain system is outdated or inefficient. If you’re buying a property that has outdated drainage, you may need to replace it to avoid a potential headache. A CCTV drain survey is also a good way to see if interior problems are the cause of a drainage system failure. It can also reveal the initial cracks and gaps in the drainage system.

A drain survey is also beneficial if you’re considering building changes or remodelling your property. The survey will help you determine whether your drains need to be repaired or if they need to be unblocked. Generally, a camera engineer can carry out a full drain survey in a single day. The camera will look at all of your drains and pipes, and they will tell you if they need to be repaired. Sometimes minor blockages will be removed during the survey. The survey fee usually includes any repairs needed.

Depending on the type of drainage system in your home, the price can also depend on the size of your property. For example, a small household might only require a CCTV inspection; a larger home may require an excavation of the ground.

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If you have a drainage problem, you need to find the source of it. For example, if you hear funny noises while taking a shower, the pipes may be clogged. Another symptom of a drain problem is if the toilet fails to flush properly. A drain survey will be able to determine the exact cause of these problems.

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