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Things To Remember While Buying Bathtubs

If you’ve had a particularly trying day, a relaxing hot tub session may be exactly what the doctor ordered to help you unwind and forget your troubles. It turns out that soaking in a hot tub may do more than help you relax. You should know a few things to make the most of your time in a hot tub, whether you own one or use the Jacuzzi. This article will examine some probable factors to consider when selecting a soaking tub.

  • There is a wide variety of styles.

There is a wide variety of bathtubs to choose from, so you can choose one that suits your family’s requirements perfectly. Because they are not attached to the wall, freestanding tubs may be placed anywhere you choose in your bathroom, making them convenient for everyone who uses them. Drop-in tubs are convenient for any home since they can be customised to match any size bathroom.

Clawfoot tubs have been used for centuries and are classic freestanding tubs. However, they are often considerably more significant than their contemporary variations.

Because of its compact, round shape, Japanese soaking tubs may be installed in even the tiniest of bathrooms without sacrificing any of the advantages of a standalone tub.

Finally, jet tubs are perfect for those who want to take their bathing experience to the next level of luxury. These tubs are typically more significant than a standard drop-in tub and are equipped with water jets powered by electricity, like a whirlpool or Jacuzzi.

  • A wide range of sizes

Bathtubs come in as many shapes and sizes as there are varieties, so you can find one that works in any bathroom. For instance, a freestanding tub requires a lot of space since it is for the main bathroom. But even standalone tubs come in a range of sizes, from slight to spacious.

You may alter their proportions and form to fit your needs, making better use of your available space. The constant stream of innovative designs means that nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to discover a tub that will work in your bathroom.

  • A wide variety of materials

The quality and comfort of your tub are affected by its material. Copper’s long lifespan and heat retention, or stone resin’s long lifespan, heat retention, and low maintenance are just two of the many advantages each material brings to your bathtub.

Cast iron is one of the most significant materials for heat retention, but it is also one of the heaviest materials, while acrylic is simple to clean and lightweight. There is no perfect material for a bathtub; most have advantages and disadvantages, but better quality options have fewer drawbacks overall.

  • A rainbow of colours

One may have a lot of fun choosing the hue for their bathtub. If you want to add some difference to your bathroom and give it a new look, consider painting your bathtub a different colour. You may use a bathtub of a different hue to inspire a complete redesign of your bathroom or draw attention to certain features already there. Remember that the bathtub’s material limits you, but most materials come in a wide variety of hues that may easily make your bathroom look more contemporary, traditional, or something new.

  • Quicker Installation

If you’re looking for a new bathtub, look no further than the freestanding variety. Their construction guarantees that moving and setting the tub will be the most labour-intensive part of the installation process. Also, freestanding tubs may be placed anywhere because they don’t attach to the wall. This gives you more leeway in deciding where to install the tub in the bathroom. After installation, a functional bathtub is as simple as hooking up the necessary plumbing.

In contrast, drop-in tubs need a certain kind of recess to be built into your bathroom floor specifically for the tub to fit into. After that, you need to bond and seal the bathtub to the adjacent wall to stop water from leaking or cracking.

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