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How to enhance your home with reclaimed materials

The world is becoming more environmentally-conscious. Whether at work or at home, there has never been a better time to get into recycling, using reclaimed materials, and living a greener life.

reclaimed materials

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There are additional benefits to using reclaimed materials, aside from being more environmentally-friendly. Reclaimed materials are unique and have character. They can be a great way to create an instantly eye-catching feel to a home, and really make it your own. They are also especially useful for creating a genuinely vintage look, if you are aiming to recreate a specific era.

Reclaimed materials are items that have been salvaged from an earlier time or previous use, but are made beautifully fit for purpose again and find a new lease on life. If you are interested in using reclaimed materials to enhance the look of your home, check out the selection of handy tips below.

What are some of the most common reclaimed items?

Reclaimed materials are especially popular and in demand, for the specific era they recreate and their overall aesthetic appeal. Stained glass windows are always popular, for example, as are metal details such as door knockers, bells, and bathroom fixtures. Small details of reclaimed materials can have a big impact, creating a stylish quality that really reflects your personal style.

reclaimed materials

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Where to find reclaimed materials

You can seek out reclaimed materials from a variety of sources. The internet is a great place to start. There may be a specialised dealer in your area, such as a reclamation yard in Ireland, or a company that specialises in specific items, like cast iron baths, for example (

Additional tips when using reclaimed materials

Searching for reclaimed materials can become time-consuming and even a bit overwhelming if you don’t prepare first, so have in mind what you might be looking for. Seek out inspiration online, such as on design websites like or specialised magazines, and keep a list of photos or keywords to help you narrow down your selection.

Be sure to double-check the safety of relevant reclaimed items, such as older items that will be required to bear weight like shelves or stairs, and especially with reclaimed electrical items.

Finally, do your research in advance, to cross reference prices and authenticity, so you can be sure of a good deal.

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