Add Value to your Property

Clever Ways to Add Value to your Property

Your property will most likely be the biggest single asset you own, so regular maintenance and improvements will ensure that your home at least holds its value, if not increasing it. Before spending money on your property, it’s prudent to look at what actions will reap the best return. Many things you can do yourself, but others require hiring a builder. This might set alarm bells ringing, thinking it will cost a fortune – but if the increase in value is significant enough, then it makes good sense.

  1. Extend your property

If you have the available space, you should definitely consider extending your property. A loft conversion, garage conversion or single storey extension are popular options. You’ll need to consult with a building firm but the added value of an extra room or rooms can be large.

  1. Consider a conservatory

A professionally constructed conservatory placed in the best position for sunshine will benefit any home greatly. A conservatory adds additional living space, increased natural light and will improve the value of your home. You should more than recoup your costs if you plan to sell with a high-quality conservatory attached. Continue reading Protect Your Home With Security Gates

Add Value to your Property

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  1. Extra Parking

Parking spaces are at a real premium especially in urban areas, with some areas selling spaces for thousands of pounds. You might need planning permission for significant changes but people will pay much more for a home with parking in an area where there is little or none at all.

  1. Add a porch

For homes already tight on space with an extension, or for homes where extending isn’t an option, an attractive porch installation can add much-needed room and make the exterior of a property much more inviting. This idea offers a cost-effective way to de-clutter your hallway by hanging coats and shoes in a porch instead. For a stylish Oak Porch, visit

Add Value to your Property

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  1. A new door

Sometimes just a fresh door can transform the appearance of a property. It says a lot about the rest of the property, is the first thing that visitors and buyers see and can make or break the front exterior aesthetics of your home. If you love your classic, old door, then think about a refurb or fresh coat of paint.

  1. Insulation

Make sure your home feels great as well as looks great. Nobody wants to live in a cold house with sky-rocketing energy bills. This is why it pays to provide adequate insulation such as loft insulation, pipe lagging, cavity wall insulation, draught-proofing and exterior wall protection. The value of your home could suffer if your buyers decide they will need to complete these actions before moving in.

Some homeowners also want to not only upgrade their insulation but also their house exterior. For those people who want their houses to be remodeled with the use of bricks, stones, and tiles, please consider this masonry contractor in Washington DC to leave you completely satisfied from initial design to construction.

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