Four more elements to get a website’s balance right

We have already examined four important elements to consider when creating a relevant, engaging and practical website. Here we take a look at four more important considerations of website design.

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Every website owner knows that good SEO is a vital part of an effective website, yet far too many designers implement an SEO strategy at a late stage in the design process. To be truly effective, SEO needs to be taken into consideration at the design stage so that every aspect of the site supports the strategy.

2 Content marketing

According to a recent article in Forbes, Google’s Panda algorithm helped to promote the use of great content as a marketing tool. It has proved to be so effective that increasing numbers of businesses have seized the opportunity to spread the message about their products and services through the use of content spread across social media channels. This makes for one of the most effective marketing tools in recent years, potentially attracting a much wider audience to your website than you could expect from more traditional marketing channels.

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3 Conversion rate optimisation

A good web design company understands that the goal of an effective website is not only to attract visitors but also to convert them. When selecting your website design company Gloucester, Godalming and Glastonbury can all offer a number of options. It is important to choose a team that will help you to future-proof, enabling it to work for you for many years to come. Look for an agency such as Website Design Company Gloucester net9design to provide you with a complete service, from wireframing through to completion of your site. It is also important that it offers you a full marketing service, as this will ensure that your website continues to work at maximum efficiency whilst being upgraded as necessary to ensure it can cope with increasing numbers of visitors as your business expands and grows.

4 Great customer service

In an age in which everyone is a reviewer, it is more important than ever before to consider how well your customer service performs. Disgruntled visitors are quick to voice complaints about poor service, so you need to ensure that your service delights your customers at every opportunity and creates the necessary goodwill to ensure they return.

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