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An average bicycle has about 252 parts, and although all are necessary, some, according to their functions, are more important than others. So if you are thinking of improving the bicycle that you use for daily transport, there are some components and parts in which it is advisable to invest to improve that bicycle.

It is not necessary to have the most expensive or lightest bicycle to pedal faster, much less to improve your riding experience. However, with a little cash in the right direction, you can significantly improve your asphalt rider experience during those trips you take on a daily basis on your bike, and the following suggestions have been chosen to do just that. Also, you might check out the best hardtail mountain bike under 1000. Improve your bike significantly at an affordable cost and thus pedal a better bike and increase your control and safety while riding.

How is a bicycle made up?

Most bicycles are made up of a specific and visible number of components which in turn are divided into what I will call systems and are as follows:

Wheel systems

That includes the tires or tires, wheels or rims, rays, and masses.

Direction system

Which is made up of the handlebar or handlebar; power; head tube; steering cups; scissors or hairpin.

Transmission system

Made up of all the pieces that transmit the movement that we generate from our legs -when pedaling- towards the rear wheel generally. It is made up of the bottom bracket or center axle, the chainrings or stars, and the connecting rods, pedals; string; pinion. But also, depending on the type of bicycle, it can include the gears, group, or speeds, which in turn is formed with the derailleurs, front and rear; the cassette or crown of pinions and the handles or levers with which you operate said changes.

Braking system

There is more than one type of braking system for a bicycle: Caliper, cantilever, V-brake, hub, which in turn are divided into coaster brakes and drum brakes, disc brakes.

Its activation system may vary depending on the braking system and the bicycle, but generally, they are activated by activating the levers or levers as well. In some models, the pedals are used when activating them in the opposite direction to which allows you to advance. Each type of brake is ideal for a specific type of bicycle and offers a number of certain advantages and disadvantages.

The frame

Once we are more familiar with the components and parts that make up our bicycle, now we can know which components are most important to invest in them and thus make our bicycle an asphalt devouring machine. Well, as many of you know: the best bicycle is the one that best suits our needs. So adapting that bicycle by updating some of its components guarantees us the best vehicle to transport ourselves.


Without a doubt, the brake system is one of the most important components on our bicycle, and having good quality ones will make a difference that will increase the safety with which you move on your bicycle.

Personally, I like V- brakes -in any of their modes-, they are precise in their function, very reliable, super easy to adjust and you can find spare parts almost anywhere, but if your bike has any other type, Make sure that the quality of its manufacture is adequate.

What should I look for in good brakes?

But above all, that the mechanical operation of the same is precise, that is to say, that the crab or clamp that holds the rubbers or shoes makes its movement with precision in a fluid and continuous movement in both arms of the clamp.

Personally, I suggest you stay away from those Chinese or Indian cast iron generics – they are terrible but very cheap – since they do not want brake, although they do slow down thanks to friction with the rim, they do not really serve to brake a bicycle.

Regarding the tires or shoes, make sure that the rubber or material from which they are made is not very compact, that is to say, hard, since its grip on the rim will not be the most precise.

In relation to the levers or levers, avoid those that contain pieces and parts in their plastic structure, as this will reduce their useful life and even break easily.

Changes or speeds

With the changes, group or speeds -although they make up part of the transmission system- I mean specifically the system of speeds or gears that are made up of rear derailleur, two shift levers or levers (to drive chainrings and pinions), derailleur, chainrings or stars, cassette or crown of pinions.

And since the gears work to modify the amount of force that our legs apply during pedaling. Investing in quality ones will not only make it easier for you to climb slopes, but they will also save you a lot of money in maintenance since they are more precise and do not need constant adjustments -but they will need it from time to time because they are precision mechanical parts-.

What should I look for in good changes?

They must be precise and fast to change between one sprocket and another. They must not skip any step or speed, much less make noise during the march once the change has been made, if they did, or they are out of adjustment or are of poor quality.

Now, as the safest thing is that they will not allow you to mount them on your bike to test them, look for the finishes of the pieces to be well made and made with good materials – this will not be difficult for you to recognize-, as soon as you find pieces deficient will jump at sight. As for the derailleurs, the less plastic your parts have, the better.

Sealed bearings

It would also be very convenient that in relation to the bearings: center shafts, masses, steering cups, and other bearings, they are sealed, as this saves you money on their maintenance and they are better manufactured parts, accurate and with a longer useful life.


Having quality tires (tires) will make a big difference during your driving experience. Since equipping your bicycle with tires made with the best quality materials, not only can reduce the resistance on the rolling surface – making you faster – but also it will provide you with a better grip and will reduce the number of punctures that you can suffer while riding your bike -something that you appreciate when you go to work very neatly and you don’t want to get dirty to repair a puncture-.

Seat and grips

While this might seem more like an aesthetic add-on, its importance for accurate and comfortable driving is great. A good seat will make your rides more comfortable and will avoid possible chafing and injuries in the pelvic area.

Likewise, a quality grip will relieve your hands and wrists from discomfort, improving your experience while driving.

As we have seen, to have a bicycle that is mechanically superior to the common one, it is not necessary to spend a millionaire, with which we invest in those essential parts and components for better functioning of our bike will be more than enough.

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