Laminate On The Wall In The Interior Of The Living Room

Laminate On The Wall In The Interior Of The Living Room

Every hostess dreams to create coziness in a home, an original style, and here it is important not to miss a single detail. The basis of the living room interior, its style dominant is the walls. Their decoration forms the first impression of the house, so it is important that the material looked flawless. Laminate on the wall decoration is gaining popularity every year due to its convenience and practicality. Using this method will allow homeowners to decorate the walls in the living room without dust, dirt or debris. On sale today a huge selection of laminate of various textures, shades, price categories for every taste. In addition, the board is fixed without any problems on any surfaces. After examining our material, having familiarized yourself with the photo selection, you will understand when it is appropriate to finish the lamellae, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this design solution.

Features of the use of laminate on the wall

In the design of the hall, laminate looks modern and aesthetically pleasing. It is durable, easy to clean, environmentally friendly (the leading trademarks today do not use toxic components in the production of decorative panels that evaporate into the air and harm the body). In addition, it is harmoniously combined with other types of materials. The main idea of ​​the application is an accent wall of laminated boards. This is a concise and fairly budget solution. Perhaps even cheaper than premium wallpaper options, but much more practical, more durable. For compact rooms, light laminate flooring is suitable, and darker color palette will enrich more space. Keep reading: Diy concrete pool

The main advantages of such a decision

  • Excellent decorative qualities. The most popular among designers is the decoration of the space behind the TV, niche, or visual separation of functional areas by lamellae. Another technique is to move the finish from the floor to the wall. Having realized it, you can easily eliminate the disadvantages of the geometry of the living room; you can “shift” attention from its modest area.
  • Availability. On sale are the lamellae of different price categories, so that everyone could choose the most suitable option.

  • Easy installation. The design of the wall with lamellae is somewhat different from their installation on horizontal surfaces, but, as a rule, even an independent implementation of such a solution does not cause any particular difficulties.
  • Practicality. The slats have a sufficient margin of safety (no traces of impact will remain on them). They are wear-resistant, easy to maintain, which makes the material very practical for wall finishing.
  • Huge selection of decors. The laminate of all possible colors, from different producing countries, budget and premium collections are widely represented in any building hypermarket, allowing you to embody the most creative design ideas.
  • Relatively lightweight. This factor is important for those who are forced to control the load of partitions and walls. Laminate, unlike some types of cladding (decorative stone, ceramic tile, natural wood, etc.) weighs relatively little.
  • Heat and sound insulation. This method of finishing vertical surfaces improves the heat and sound insulation characteristics of a room.
  • Additional characteristics. Leading brands develop and offer consumers products with improved performance characteristics: excellent fire, moisture resistance, high impact resistance.

Key disadvantages

  • Installation features. If you plan to fix directly laminate on the wall, first of all, make sure that it is absolutely smooth. Surfaces that have irregularities, defects, and other minor errors require a lathing device, which means additional financial, time, and labor costs.
  • Do not lay the slats on the plasterboard partition. It requires capital construction.
  • Laminated boards are used exclusively as a fragment (accent wall or niche). Facing the entire living room around the perimeter can hardly be considered a good idea. In most cases, this method will be inappropriate.

Laminate On The Wall In The Interior Of The Living Room

The right combination of colors: the choice of harmonious colors for the living room

The whole color palette is divided into cold and warm colors. Designers recommend sticking to the same color space in the same room. One of the successful techniques is to visually unite the space by veneering horizontal and vertical surfaces with a coating of the same type. If you start from the style of the interior, remember that light tones are appropriate in the Scandinavian direction. For country, lofty suitable textured dark wood.

White in combination with lamellas “under the tree”: features, photo-examples

The perfect mix that gives the interior a clean look. Milky tones with a light wood form an atmosphere of warmth, and white with a Marengo tree can visually expand the space.

Interiors with a touch of green

Great for eco-style. It should pick up natural shades, and also make sure that as much light as possible penetrates the living room. Jade lamellas blend well with white.

Laminate On The Wall In The Interior Of The Living Room

Spaces exist to equip them with maximum comfort, designers are confident. Laminate on the wall in the living room – a spectacular way to turn the family nest into an island of comfort, the ability to create a purely individual interior. This type of decoration combines sophistication and practicality, suitable for decorating rooms of different styles.

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