battle against the study

Seven tips to win the battle against the study

An ancient legend has it that the tests can be prepared from time to time studying, without being restricted to the last minute and start a race against time student would see, at a distinct disadvantage, forced to interrupt their favorite TV series and to abandon their sanity, reflecting itself in hallucinatory delirium of Jack Sparrow trapped the boundaries of the world.

battle against the study

How can we make this scenario does not translate into reality?

Definitely plan the study can be an excellent idea. Specifically, here are seven tips…

  1. Try to balance the load of exams for each session:

    If you are not frustrated and you can indulge in the luxury of avoiding a marathon of exams, the best thing to do is to distribute between January / February and June / July in a balanced way, so to study better and with less effort;

  2. Begin by opening the books as soon as possible:

    Study for long, without being restricted to last minute, will ensure that when it nears the session we will have the water in the throat, the anxiety and stress. Where is the catch? Well, you just need to be brave and not be frightened by that brick seems that staring with evil eyes. Open it will already be a first step and show that we are not dealing with the monster book of monsters, ready to attack at any moment to else.

  3. Make a schedule:

    If for example you need to prepare three exams during a session, the week can be divided taking into account your degree of difficulty: two days for the difficult subject, one each for the exams easier, and the remaining two dedicated exclusively to relaxation and social life, which are part of the fundamental rights of the Code of Students and are inalienable. Respect the roadmap, will ensure that no one, survived the session, will need to address prayers to any deity listened in all known languages, including those of fantasy.

  4. Use a good method of study:

    For matters discursive summaries you are fine; contrary to the scientific disciplines, involving calculations and reasoning, can be aid schemes. If in the meantime follow the lessons, it is useful to keep up with the reading and correction of notes or the transcription of recordings. Ask for a hand to a colleague is not forbidden, indeed, “the unity is strength!”, But often, for some people, working individually helps to be faster in the study and to ensure that the concepts remain more impressed after the examination (“who does himself makes for three!”). Points of view. The method of study is essential, is what more than anything else can ensure success or failure, but do not make the ‘mistake of comparing it to that of other people, because there is something more subjective?

  5. Avoid distractions:

    If you do not need to study, the Internet must be absolutely turned off, because otherwise we know how it ends: “I am replying to this message!”, “Controlling only notice this!”, and “Just watching an episode!” and then mysteriously, “Come on, dinner is ready!”… But a quarter hour before you were 16.30! Unfortunately, it is a moment. It takes willpower, a bit like the movies, when the trailer during the recall of popcorn is more seductive siren song, but we are stronger and resist until the beginning of the film.

  6. Make the final revision after studying the final revision is fundamental:

    It does not correspond, for a girl who has a date, to go out without first re-checked his hair. The revision takes to have a vision of set of all concepts, to improve the exposure, and to calm to see that the concepts have been assimilated (in this case the anxious exception; you serve only a miracle to calm down).

  7. Do not use too much coffee and ensure at least eight hours of sleep:

    Drinking too much coffee does not always help to focus, rather, it is often stay awake staring blankly books. And scientifically it is proven that sleep is one of the best remedies for the concentration that leaves us. If we do not reduce it to investigate all last time we can spend more time at that locus amounts warm and enveloping called “bed”, especially that the winter makes life more beautiful, keeping us away from all that we want to avoid … What to expect open the books?

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