Skoda Kodiaq: A Disruptive SUV Entrant?

SUVs have become incredibly popular in the UK over the past decade, with manufacturers scrabbling to release yet more crossover models in order to capture this blossoming segment of the market. They are fast becoming one of the most common cars seen each year by MOT Centre Gloucester based and others throughout the country.

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A number of all-new SUVs arrived back in 2016 and continue to do so each year, including models like the Seat Ateca which are hoping to oust incumbent best-sellers like the Nissan Qashqai.

Even Skoda didn’t want to be left out of the SUV gold rush, and unveiled a model known as the Kodiaq.

This is the first time that Skoda has attempted an SUV, so expectations were extremely high. A competitive price tag however, could lead to an upswing in SUV ownership.

Ongoing Renaissance

Skoda has revitalised its brand through successive models like the Octavia and the Yeti, but the Kodiaq is a different beast altogether. It combines the convenience of a family hatchback with the more aggressive styling and poised road position of a coupe, all wrapped up in a body that boasts big wheel arches, a stylish grille and a tapered profile.

Along with standard petrol and diesel-powered models, Skoda is intending to release a ‘hot’ version of the Kodiaq that will put a bit more power under the bonnet and get petrol heads’ pulses racing. It will also pave the way for an array of next-generation models from this manufacturer over the coming years.

Youth Oriented

Skoda’s Bernhard Maier told attendees of a recent event held in Prague that the Kodiaq will be launching in China before coming to Europe and presumably touching down in the UK. He also confirmed that this car was aimed squarely at younger customers, catering to the fact that it is within this group that the most ardent fans of SUVs can be found.

Of course Skoda is not the only firm to be building cars for millennials. Nor is it unique in its plans to create a small, sporty SUV; if anything, it’s a little late to the party in this respect.

Where it has a chance to make the Kodiaq a market leader is pricing. Most of its rivals cost close to £30,000.

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