How to choose the best vacuum conveyor for pharmaceutical manufacturing

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a suitable conveyor for your pharmaceutical processes. Choosing the wrong one can be an expensive mistake, so it’s worth taking a little time to get it right. So this list of questions may help prompt some discussion about the most suitable option.

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1. Do we need a modular system?

If you buy a conveyor with a “unibody” design you’ll only be able to use it for a single application. A modular system allows you to customise the conveyor and run different kinds of dry materials through it. You might, for instance, want to run potassium or lactose or penicillin which have different flow characteristics and densities. A modular system is much more flexible and can allow you to do this.

2. Does it need to be easy to assemble and take apart?

In pharmaceutical applications, cleaning and inspection are carried out frequently. So it can save a lot of time and effort if the conveyor has been specially developed to provide ease of cleaning –

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3. Will it provide a safe working environment?

Obviously, there is a high risk to workers when pharmaceuticals are being processed and the materials need to be securely contained. The entire conveying system needs to be enclosed and there needs to be a method of changing from one product to another that avoids cross-contamination. Continue reading Using Radiators to Complement Your Interior Design

4. Is the product compliant?

Pharmaceutical manufacturing has to operate within certain regulations and before buying a conveyor, you need to be certain that it will allow operations that are compliant.

5. Is the filtration system adequate and suitable?

Obviously, filters are a vital part of the vacuum conveyor system. The type of filter chosen will depend on the type of powders and other materials that are being processed and their particle sizes.

These questions should give a good starting point for exploring the use of a conveyor. There’s lots more to consider, and you may be well advised to research some of the options with a company that has expertise in this area and knows the market such as

There are new developments in this field all the time, and the latest conveyors are more energy efficient, flexible and safe to use. So as a manufacturing option, they’re definitely worth investing in.

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