What Are Security Wedge Barriers?

Wedge barriers offer an improved level of security over barrier arms and bollards. The low-maintenance, high-security option prevents vehicle theft and other threats while adding security to a commercial or industrial property. Wedges are also a low-maintenance, space-efficient solution for securing commercial or industrial property. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of Wedge Barriers and how they can improve the security of your property.

Purpose of Security Wedge Barrier

There are several benefits of installing a security wedge barrier. It can help protect sensitive points of entry and minimize the risk of vehicle theft. These barriers are easy to use and can be installed in as little as five seconds. They are also convenient to install and maintain, and blend into the landscape, without becoming obtrusive. They are constructed of sturdy materials with high axle loads that can support massive weights, but do not impair vehicle traffic.

Security wedge barriers are available in a wide range of sizes. Depending on the width of your facility, you can choose from 8′ to 14.5′. They are available as single units or in multiples to maximize security. Standard security wedges are surface mounted on a concrete mount, but some systems require additional pours. Standard security wedges are 9′ to 14′ wide with a 15-inch opening. 

Where to Use Security Wedge Barriers

Whether protecting critical infrastructure or high-security points of entry, security wedge barriers play a critical role. Designed with robust actuators that can activate with speed and force, these barriers must be reliable and consistent. Security wedge barriers must also be able to operate reliably and consistently, especially when power is limited. Because most remote locations have limited power sources, this can negatively impact the speed of deployment. Fast deployment is therefore essential to ensure effective security for these types of facilities.

Wedge barriers are available in different widths from eight feet to fourteen feet and are typically mounted to a foundation. Unlike roadside barriers, wedge barriers do not require deep foundations. Some models have integrated gate arms and traffic lights. Portability is another advantage of wedge barriers. Portable wedge barriers can be installed on site during special events. A well-designed wedge barrier can protect a parking lot or an entire parking lot from intruders and vehicles.

A crash-rated wedge is a larger version of the standard wedge, and typically covers an entire lane. They are often integrated with access control systems, requiring little rebar and minimal concrete volume. These wedges are usually 15 inches or more in diameter, and have M30 classification for stopping vehicles up to 50 mph. If you’re looking for maximum security at a low cost, consider a crash-rated wedge.

Efficiency Of Wedge Barriers

A high-quality electro-hydraulic actuator can help ensure the efficiency of security wedge barriers. Ideally, the actuator should be rated for its intended purpose. This way, it will be able to function effectively in any temperature and without being prone to damage caused by water. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the installation has appropriate drainage. The following are some important considerations to make when choosing an actuator. All of these factors are crucial in the efficiency of security wedge barriers.

Wedge barriers are typically steel plates that rise 24 to 38 inches off the surface of the roadway. They can be surface-mounted or installed completely below the road. These barriers are usually equipped with bi-directional LED lights, allowing the operator to raise or lower them accordingly. These security measures are suitable for areas that require a high level of security. They are highly effective in controlling the entry of people and vehicles. They also cost approximately $24,000 to $80,000 to install, and can be used for various purposes.

The efficiency of security wedge barriers can be enhanced by combining them with other security measures. A vehicle wedge barrier is useful for protecting sensitive areas like airports or military bases. Shallow mount wedge barriers can be installed without too much ground excavation. They can also be used along with other security measures, such as gate arms and traffic lights. Portable wedge barriers are excellent for special events where increased security is required. These portable barriers can easily be moved.

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