What’s Your Intelligence Type?

People usually associate intelligence with IQ. You might automatically think of the smartest kid in class who can recite almost every line in a book or geniuses who receive Nobel Prize awards. There is an existing perception that intelligence is an ability to remember and learn information. However, this is not entirely true. The theory of multiple intelligence by Howard Gardner gave the word intelligence a broader meaning.

Your intelligence type describes your strengths and interests. This article tackles the different types of intelligence based on Gardner’s theory; may you find the one that suits you best.


This type of intelligence deals with the gift to quickly learn languages and use your speaking and writing skills to achieve specific goals. For example, ‘word smart’ people excel in journalism, creative writing, public speaking, and politics. So, if you have a way with words, this might be your intelligence type.


People who can analyze problems logically, investigate issues methodologically, and solve mathematical problems quickly have this type of intelligence. This can be your intelligence type if you love solving puzzles and patterns or arranging and categorizing stuff. People with this type of intelligence can be good accountants, scientists, computer analysts, etc.


People with naturalistic intelligence are more attuned to nature, animals, and plants. They have a wide range of knowledge about numerous species and the environment. These are the people who fight for endangered species and promote waste management like aluminum recycling. You can be a biologist, environmentalist, or geologist if you have this.


This is the ability to be totally in sync with your body movements. People who score highly in this type of intelligence are good at sports, and are graceful dancers, sculptors, and artists. If moving around relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable, this might be your intelligent type.


People with spatial intelligence can recognize, analyze, and manipulate the patterns of vast spaces and confined areas. They are excellent navigators and can excel as pilots and captains. Those who are good chess players, surgeons, and architects also have this type of intelligence. You have high spatial intelligence if you can visualize something even before you make it, love mazes and jigsaw puzzles, and are a daydreamer.


This refers to the ability to recognize and play with the elements of music (pitch, rhythm, timbre, tone). People with this type of intelligence can perform, compose, and appreciate musical patterns. They can be good singers, DJs, or composers.


This type of intelligence means you can fully understand yourself, including your dreams, desires, fears, and strengths. They can be great psychologists, clergy, or therapist. If you love to work independently, this might be your intelligence type.


People with interpersonal intelligence can connect and communicate with other people. Since they are team players, they can function best if they work with a group. So, they can excel as teachers, managers, or entrepreneurs.

Final thoughts

Knowing your intelligence type will help you bloom as an individual and even choose a career where you can truly excel.

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