What is a Contaminated Land Assessment2

What is a Contaminated Land Assessment?

A contaminated land assessment is the identification and description of an area of contaminated land, which in most cases is located close to an industrial unit. Industrial units are generally defined as any type of facility that processes and produces by means of energy, including oil, gas or steam. These facilities, when no longer in use, can leave behind contamination in the soil which must be cleaned before the land can be repurposed.

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A contaminated land assessment will identify the type of contamination present on the land. This may include soil, water or a combination of both. It may also include the level of contamination in the groundwater or surface water. The level of contamination can be determined by looking at the quality of the various pollutants present and/or by looking at the types of contaminants in combination. There can be multiple sources of contamination that may make up an area of contaminated land. For information on Land Remediation Services, contact a site like Land Remediation Services by Soilfix

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A contaminated land assessment will further describe what kind of contamination is present, for example, contaminated soil. The classification of contaminated land will further detail what the land was like before the contamination and what condition it currently is in. This will enable you to know what steps need to be taken to clean it up and protect it from further contamination. A contaminated land assessment will also include any pre-incident environmental factors that have contributed to the contamination.

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