What Is a Polymer Coating?

You have probably heard of coatings before, and you may know what a polymer is – a substance made of small repeating units – but you may not know what a polymer coating is. Here is where you find out what they are and why they are useful.

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It’s All in the Molecular Structure

A polymer coating is usually a surface layer, often in paint form or maybe a film, applied to all kinds of surfaces in the home and the professional sphere. This layer can supply extra protection where needed. The molecular structure of polymers, with all those repeating units, is fundamental to forming plastics and resins which make extremely adaptable polymer coatings.

One of the great benefits you get from a polymer coating is the incredible protection they give from corrosion. Polymer coatings are tough and provide a strong layer to protect against physical threats such as scratching or rubbing. The coating also protects against damage from the elements and oxidisation. Polymer coatings can be used on furniture, floors, walls and even wallpaper. Good wallpaper can be quite costly, so is worth protecting. For ideas on some of the interesting wallpaper designs available, see this article in The Guardian.

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Types of Coatings

Acrylic polymer coatings tend to be quite popular as they can be water-based, which assists in protecting surfaces from corrosion related to exposure to water. As not all surfaces and conditions are the same, acrylic polymers are available in different strengths and composition, and there is the Plasma polymer composite style of coating to deal with the most challenging conditions. An industrial supplier of polymer coatings will offer a large range of polymer coatings suited to every purpose.

If you are interested in finding out more about how a Plasma polymer composite works, then it would be a good idea to do some research on plasma polymer composite to find out exactly how this versatile material functions and the exact specifications which can help you meet your objectives and give valuable surfaces added protection.

Evolving technology is making polymer coatings more sophisticated all the time. Deployed the right way, polymer coatings can save you time and money in protecting sensitive surfaces, making them more durable and reliable in a range of conditions. Choosing the right polymer coatings will deliver excellent value for money.

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