Have you ever looked at a beautifully tiled bathroom and thought, “there is no way I could do that”? Well in some cases you’d be right. For example, the tiling in Castle Ward is beautiful and the Bathrooms Northern Ireland, where Castle Ward is located are benefiting from it.  That’s like a massive professional job and if you go to https://bathline-bathrooms.com/ you see someone who can help. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give the little jobs a go.

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There are a few things that you need to consider before you set of on your project.

  1. Plan it out! – Rather than just rush out and by a box of tiles it’s a very good idea to get an idea as to what you want to look like and what you’re aiming for. Measure everything and figure out where you are going to have to cut tiles as the chances are it’s not going to be a perfect fit of tiles with out any needing to be changed.
  2. Check the boxes. It might seem strange and common sense but it’s a very good idea to check that when you buy the tiles that are all the uniform same otherwise you could end up with some odd ones that don’t match.
  3. Lay your tiles out first. if you lay them out first on a flat surface you can see how you want them to look on the wall and if it works. It is much easier to make the changes now rather than when they are stuck on the wall. Get a pattern scheme decide on it and stick to it.
  4. Clean the wall and surfaces. This is absolutely essential. Before any grout and tile can go on or down you need to have a complete debris a dirt-free surface otherwise they may not stick.
  5. Find the most level point. Using a spirit level find the point where the wall is at its most level, there will always be slight imperfections. Draw a straight line along this point and tiles this first. You know then that the tiles will be straight and true.
  6. Don’t try and do the whole thing in one go. Try and stick to just small jobs and small moves. There may be cases where you need to work around items on the wall. Work towards them.
  7. Use a proper tile cutter. Don’t be afraid to get a good one and ask for advice from the shop before you buy one. Explain what you need to do and so they can advise on the best one.
  8. Don’t forget the sand paper to smooth down any rough edges.
  9. Grout the tiles and give them at least twenty-four hours for it set, long if you can.

If you think about it, it will take awhile but that time is well invested. Take your time and good luck.

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