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Why Is Italian Cuisine So Healthy?

Italian cuisine, with its many pizza and pasta dishes, may not seem particularly healthy at first glance, but it’s an inescapable fact that the majority of Italians don’t diet, and they haven’t fallen prey to the obesity that plagues us in the UK and US.

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According to an article in theIndependent, the traditional Italian diet conforms to principles laid down by dieticians – eat fresh seasonal produce, limit fats and red meats and stick to small portions.

It seems that we can all learn a thing or two from the Italian way of preparing and eating their meals, so if you’re keen to improve your health while keeping your weight in check, here are some suggestions for incorporating the Italian approach to food into your cooking.

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Avoid Processed and Treated Foods

Italians make use of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and adopt a minimalistic approach to farming. Over-processed foods contain additives that can be harmful to health, whilst pesticides compromise the taste and nutritional effects of our meals. Try following the lead of, an Italian Restaurant in Dublin which sources as many ingredients as possible from its family-owned organic farm in County Wicklow.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are packed to bursting with anti-oxidants, which encourage good health, along with a variety of important vitamins that keep your body fighting fit.

Don’t ‘Diet’

As anyone who’s ever been on a diet will know, restricting your food intake for a period of days or weeks may indeed encourage weight loss, but it also encourages an unhealthy fixation on food in general, and the majority of people find that the weight goes straight back on once the diet is over. Rather than limiting your food intake, try embracing the Italian method of smaller portions, packed with flavour. Savour every mouthful, and learn to take time over meals rather than rushing to finish them while watching TV or reading the paper.

Eat Foods to Promote a Healthy Heart


Eating a heart-healthy diet is credited with giving Italians their longevity, so embrace the effects of eating a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and fresh seafood, limiting red meat to a rare treat. Olive oil, used sparingly, is a healthy unsaturated fat, whilst seafood is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which have known health benefits.

5 reasons to create a content strategy for your website

If you have a website for your business, you should also have a solid content strategy. This is because a content strategy can boost your online marketing efforts in lots of ways.

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Here are five reasons to create a content strategy for your website.

Good content will boost your SEO

There are lots of different factors that can affect your website’s SEO ranking, including content. This is because good content will draw in new users and encourage them to stay on your website for longer, and the links and meta tags in each article will significantly boost your overall SEO.

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It will improve sales

One of the best ways to boost sales is to provide your target audience with useful articles about the products that you sell. This will make it easier for them to find your website when they search using relevant keywords.

It will build trust with your audience

It can be tough to stand out from your competitors, especially if you are a new business without loyal customers. However, creating useful, relevant content will help to build trust with your audience as they will see you as an authority on the subject. This means that they are more likely to think of you again in the future, and they are also more likely to trust your products.

If you are looking for a professional Drupal design agency that can help you with your website, check out

It makes your website more useful

Most businesses have a website, but that doesn’t mean that all of those websites are actually useful. After all, lots of businesses just set up websites because they feel like they have to, which means that they look good – but they don’t actually provide any services to the user, besides selling products. This means that users are unlikely to visit the website again in the future. However, if you provide useful content, customers are more likely to come back again and again.

It attracts the right customers

Every business has a specific target audience that it wants to reach, and content can help you to reach your own target audience. This is because the articles will contain keywords that your audience is searching for, so it will be easier for the right people to find your website.

Five tips for relocating abroad

A huge number of people these days take the plunge and relocate abroad. Whether it’s for a job, love, better opportunities, better weather or any other reason, relocating isn’t always easy, but it is often very rewarding. These five tips will help you make the move and settle in properly!

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Get to know your new home

Before you make the move, spend some time exploring where you’ll be living and get used to the roads, public transport, grocery stores, banks, gym, parks, malls and other amenities on offer. Familiarizing yourself with everything you need for day-to-day life will make you feel far more at home when you arrive.

Pack smart and unpack even smarter

There are plenty of tips that tell you how to plan for a successfuljob relocation, but what many leave out is that when you arrive, you’ll want all your essentials within reach. Whether it’s your brand of toothpaste, your reading glasses or your face wash, having these essentials will help you feel more settled and far more comfortable. Take a few photographs with you from home, and put these up as quickly as you can.

Make friends with the locals

Employee Relocation Services from DT Moving may see you make some friends along the way as you’ll be in close contact with those who are moving you around the world, but it is a great idea to make some local friends as quickly as possible. Chat with your neighbours and the people you see regularly, and ask them for advice on the best places to shop, eat and have fun.

Image Credit

Embrace your social butterfly

An employee relocation company may help you get settled and find work, but you will need to make friends all on your own! Join clubs, find out more about community events, sign up at the gym or for group exercise classes, or check out the local social media pages for events that interest you.

Learn the local language

Being able to speak the local language will help you in so many ways. You do not have to become fluent at first; just have a basic understanding of the more common phrases and work from there. The better you are able to communicate with those around you, the more at home you will feel.

The Various Tournaments of Online Casinos

Casinos offer tournaments for their customers, both in the land-based as well as virtual. The tournaments are held to give players a chance to pit their skills against other competitors to win the jackpot. Perhaps the most sought-after tournament is the poker tournament since this game requires players to use all of their skills to win. Players are competing against each other in lieu of sure ‘houses,’ and there are rules and regulations that are provided to make the tournament smooth-sailing as well as fun and exciting. Blackjack moves faster than poker since there is a shorter hand. The number of spots for these tournaments differs for each place that they will be held. People will always try the slot machines whenever they visit the casinos since it is fun. An online casino tournament is fun and exciting and chance to win the jackpot as well.

Casinos have been popular among millions of people who are looking for fun and excitement in the bustling cities. They can play for fun or play to win. There are various games to select from inside a casino, each offering their own prizes and jackpots. Games like online poker, backgammon, Baccarat, bingo and slot machines. There are also online versions of casino games, so players can even play while at home. The themes for each game are very similar to the ones you see in the casinos, and the differences lies in their prize and rules. It may be complicated for beginners at first, but there’s usually a guideline that you can follow.

Casino tournaments have different styles. Some tournaments are held for charity purposes and others to gain money. There are also tournaments that use only four set of tables, while others have multiple tables that start simultaneously. Regardless of which tournament you would like to play you will surely experience fun and excitement.

I have a man drawer

I’m quite happy to admit that I have a man drawer. Ever since Michael Macintyre revealed that men have a drawer specifically for such a purpose the nation has been tireless searching out theres to what is in there. So here for the purpose of openness I am prepared to reveal what is in my man draw and see if it same as Mr Macintyre. I think that is something we all need to do and a male population. Some of us will need the service of Skip Hire Swansea company at  those lads might be getting a fair bit of work from us.

Image Credit

Item number one. Yes, it is a Radiator key for bleeding the radiators. He’s right is there anything more manlier than this action of home maintenance? If there is I don’t know what it is! There is a strange satisfaction as you feel the air release out into the open and the perfect timing of turning off the radiator just before it cries its little tears of completion. There is also the satisfying feel of heat returning to the radiator as the warm water can now enter the heating unit as I have successfully removed the air blockage. Job done.

Image Credit

Item number two. An old paint brush. It’s the got a few flecks of paint in it but is generally clean enough to use again. It have a bit of a hoarding issue to be fair.

Item Number three. An old takeaway menu. Ok I’m not sure why that’s int here because I, pretty sure I got rid of those. This is a pizza one. The place doesn’t even exist anymore, but it did a mean pepperoni and tuna. No seriously it did. Maybe that’s why it closed.

Item number four. A very old screwdriver. The fact it’s got mud on it suggests that I did use it to screw something into wood. I do have knack of suing things for something that they are not supposed to be used for. All a bit Heath Robinson.

Item number five. An instruction manual for my child Lego Castle. Ahh, now this will come in handy if I ever find the bits of the Lego castle that have wound themselves up in his other bits Lego. That sounds like fun afternoon doesn’t it. No really but it looks like I will have to do it now that  have unearthed it.

Item number six. A small tube full of fuses. Ok well I’m not sure that they are able  to be used or not and I don’t want to chuck away good ones so I’ll keep them.

Item number seven. Yep that’s asset of glasses screwdrivers. No idea why I have them I can only assume I’m preparing for middle age.

Hope you enjoyed that little trip around my man drawer. Carry on.

Modern Stoves or Fireplaces: Technological Solutions That Improve Comfort

The current fireplaces are high-tech appliances that offer high performance, renewing the ancient tradition and the ancient charm of the exposed flame,  both in terms of thermal power and efficiency, which now reach very high values, both for the aesthetic part, with solutions of particular value and even customized or customized. The appearance of comfort is not far behind, with the ability to choose mixed-power versions that allow you to program the operation, even at a distance.

Modern Stoves

Technologically perfected systems allow combustion control and optimization, not only to achieve maximum efficiency but also to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This is why today the fireplaces can be considered environmentally friendly. In addition, there are also models that use biofuels instead of wood or pellets.

The charm of the fireplace

The stoves combine aesthetics and practicality, ease of maintenance and savings in the bill. Those of new generation, subdivided into various categories of products (wood or pellet, air or water heating) are becoming more and more a valid alternative to the most widespread heating systems, as well as their integration. Whether it is to restart an old, badly functioning fireplace or to heat a house on several levels, a fireplace always offers the right solution.

It is always necessary to start with the use of the stove and the required performances. With the installer or with the specialized retailer it will then be easy to orientate on the range of models that meet the requirements. Otherwise, the risk is to oversize the appliance compared to the actual needs or, on the contrary, not to obtain the required performances.

The heart of the system: The hearth

The hearths for stove is the “technical” part, the place where combustion takes place. It is usually coated in cast iron or glass, capable of withstanding temperatures above 1200° C. In addition, glass hearth gives aesthetic value, have a mainly decorative function and the flame is visible, but protected by a safety glass that keeps cold outside; they only work when the door is closed and therefore guarantee greater thermal efficiency than iron hearth models. They can heat more rooms.

Modern Stoves

A considered choice

To identify the fireplace that is suitable for your needs, you must take into account various factors …

  • A width of the rooms to be heated;
  • Presence of an existing fireplace;
  • Need or less to channel the hot air in order to heat rooms adjacent to that in which the fireplace is installed;
  • Need or less of having to use the existing radiator system or in any case wanting to produce hot water;

A particular type of fireplace is the insert, also used to recover old or malfunctioning fireplaces: they are ideal when you want to combine the aesthetics of the fireplace with the practicality of using a high-performance heating system.

  • Preassembled products are usually delivered in kits to be connected to the flue and the air intake.
  • Through the combustion generated inside the burner, the inserts produce hot air that can be spread even in adjacent rooms by means of special ducting kits. Air circulation can occur by natural convection or forced ventilation.

How they warm up?

The hearths can propagate heat in three ways:

  • By irradiation: The heat, accumulated inside the stove, is progressively transferred to the environment through the hearth; they are fine for small homes.
  • By air convection: The heat, propagated in a natural way or forcibly through fans, spreads homogeneously in the rooms; it is the ideal solution for medium-sized rooms as an integration to an existing heating system.
  • By water convection: The heat spreads through the plumbing, feeding the radiators; is the system suitable for large homes or arranged on multiple levels and these models can replace a classic heating system, because they are able to produce domestic hot water as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood floors

The engineered wood flooring is a classic in decoration; without any doubt, they give a touch of elegance and warmth, they are ideal for rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and living rooms, the options of wooden floors that are available in the market are very varied, finishes, textures, formats, and colors to your taste.

Many people think twice before putting this type of floor because they believe that the maintenance is very complicated, although in reality the duration and good appearance depend a lot on the quality of this. As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, I tell you about some.

The beauty of a wooden floor can combine with any space.

wood floors


* Natural aspect of your spaces and warmth to the environment.

* Wood is not very sensitive to ambient temperature, that is, it is an insulating material.

* Longevity: With the proper care, this type of floors offers high resistance to the passage of time.

* Hypoallergenic: These floors do not absorb dry dirt such as pollen, hair, dust and any dirt, no matter how small.

* Design: Currently, you can add texture and color to the wood to achieve unique finishes, its different formats give great ease to make designs that with other material would be very complex.

Wood acts as a natural insulator, protecting your home from the cold and heat.


* Specific care: Even the most durable floor requires care, wood can deteriorate due to:

– Exposure to water, sun, and humidity

– Scratches by traffic or furniture

* Difference of tones: In case of having damage in a certain area, due to the naturalness of the material can slight differences of tone.

* Lack of maintenance: If your wooden floor does not receive maintenance, insurance will begin to suffer a loss of brightness, even stains, which are cosmetic damage that by an oversight can lose its appeal.

The wooden floor does not accumulate dust mites or any other potentially allergenic element.

wood floors


A great advantage is that the wood can be treated and rejuvenated many times, whether natural, laminate or covered floors, can be renewed with different techniques to maintain its appearance of new. I share some tips you can follow:

* It is important to have frequent maintenance.

* Do not use abrasive chemicals

* Avoid contact with liquids

A well-kept wooden floor can last for many years.

If you are convinced that this type of floor is a very good option for your home or, you already have it, do not worry, you can write me so I can tell you about the right products like discount flooring to keep them more alive than ever.


Five great advantages of an online booking system

Using an online booking system can simplify your business in many ways and enable greater efficiency when customers make bookings or send online payments. Bookings are also possible around the clock. Read on to discover five ways in which an online booking system could help your company to accept bookings.

Image Credit

Marketing support

An online booking system can integrate with sophisticated marketing tools, such as email marketing tools, to create and send useful newsletters to customers. It can also be used to send other promotional material and keep your customers up to date, which helps to increase customer loyalty and boost regular bookings.

Calendar synchronisation

Booking systems can synchronise your bookings on your own calendars, such as Outlook, to keep track of bookings and automatically update your existing calendars. A sophisticated booking system can also be used to allocate different tasks to members of staff and organise events. This turns it into a management tool to help you keep on top of all your appointments and bookings.

Automated email and SMS

When dealing with bookings, it is useful to send customers reminders by email and SMS to reduce the number of missed appointments and help customers to remember their bookings. Sending reminders can increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. It is also possible to send automated emails requesting feedback or simply to thank the customer for attending. This is possible for all kinds of booking systems, including a school and theatre online booking system from a provider such as

Image Credit

Payment provider selection

A good booking system can help you to choose a reliable payment provider that offers safety for the company’s money and also safeguards customers’ payments. It is often possible to select from PayPal and other payment specialists to deal with your customer payments securely. You can set up the booking system to offer different payment options and accept part payments, deposits or full payments.

Vouchers and promotions

Business booking software can also be integrated with voucher and daily deal websites to enable codes to be entered for discounts and promotions. This makes it easy to reward loyal customers with discount codes, which can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With so many options for an online booking system, it is easy to see why they can be used to any company’s advantage.

How to best clean your kitchen floor

It’s time to haul out the buckets and prepare to scrub your kitchen floor in time for summer.

Image Credit

Read these tips on the best techniques to clean your kitchen floor and ensure it is squeaky-clean.

Sweep every day

Although it seems like a chore at the end of a long day, sweeping the kitchen floor each night ensures crumbs and morsels are swept up and disposed of before attracting ants.

If ants take hold, they can cause damage and become a nuisance to your home.

Microfibre cleaning

Experts suggest to mop your kitchen floor twice a week.

With laminate flooring, it is vital to take extra care and use a damp microfibre cloth to clean the floor. Rinse the cloth once it is dirty to avoid reapplying dirt to the floor.

For laminate flooring in your kitchen, contact a company such as

Avoid harsh cleaners

There is no need to apply harsh cleaners to your kitchen floor, especially if you are using microfibre cloths which effectively remove dirt and germs.

Image Credit

For more stubborn grime, use a spray bottle containing washing-up liquid and water, or a kitchen surface cleaner.

Avoid ‘shine’ products

Be cautious of using any product advertising “shine” or any instructions that advise to leave a product to dry for ten minutes. These are signs that an acrylic-based polish is contained within the cleaner, which will add a coating to the floor’s surface that leads to yellowing.

This is extremely difficult to remove, so it is best to avoid these cleaners completely.

Never use scouring sponges on floors

If you find a particularly tough and sticky stain on a floor, never use a scouring sponge.These sponges are responsible for scratched floor surfaces.

Instead, use a concentrated dose of cleaner, and allow it to sit for one minute, or use a nylon-bristled brush on the stain before mopping the floor.

The right cleaners

– For linoleum, ammonia-based cleaners will remove past yellowing.
– For ceramic tiles, floor cleaning liquid products will remove grime. Hand dry or rinse the floor to prevent any residue being left behind by the cleaner.
– On stone, avoid any cleaners containing acid, citrus and vinegar, which can etch and mark the surface. Choose water and a mild detergent instead.
– For wood flooring, use a combination of water and mild detergent.

Tips on how to choose the right flooring colour

Changing your flooring is a big investment. First you need to decide which material to choose, then you need to think about the colours. Here are a few tips on choosing the right floor colours.

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