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How to best clean your kitchen floor

It’s time to haul out the buckets and prepare to scrub your kitchen floor in time for summer.

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Read these tips on the best techniques to clean your kitchen floor and ensure it is squeaky-clean.

Sweep every day

Although it seems like a chore at the end of a long day, sweeping the kitchen floor each night ensures crumbs and morsels are swept up and disposed of before attracting ants.

If ants take hold, they can cause damage and become a nuisance to your home.

Microfibre cleaning

Experts suggest to mop your kitchen floor twice a week.

With laminate flooring, it is vital to take extra care and use a damp microfibre cloth to clean the floor. Rinse the cloth once it is dirty to avoid reapplying dirt to the floor.

For laminate flooring in your kitchen, contact a company such as

Avoid harsh cleaners

There is no need to apply harsh cleaners to your kitchen floor, especially if you are using microfibre cloths which effectively remove dirt and germs.

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For more stubborn grime, use a spray bottle containing washing-up liquid and water, or a kitchen surface cleaner.

Avoid ‘shine’ products

Be cautious of using any product advertising “shine” or any instructions that advise to leave a product to dry for ten minutes. These are signs that an acrylic-based polish is contained within the cleaner, which will add a coating to the floor’s surface that leads to yellowing.

This is extremely difficult to remove, so it is best to avoid these cleaners completely.

Never use scouring sponges on floors

If you find a particularly tough and sticky stain on a floor, never use a scouring sponge.These sponges are responsible for scratched floor surfaces.

Instead, use a concentrated dose of cleaner, and allow it to sit for one minute, or use a nylon-bristled brush on the stain before mopping the floor.

The right cleaners

– For linoleum, ammonia-based cleaners will remove past yellowing.
– For ceramic tiles, floor cleaning liquid products will remove grime. Hand dry or rinse the floor to prevent any residue being left behind by the cleaner.
– On stone, avoid any cleaners containing acid, citrus and vinegar, which can etch and mark the surface. Choose water and a mild detergent instead.
– For wood flooring, use a combination of water and mild detergent.

Tips on how to choose the right flooring colour

Changing your flooring is a big investment. First you need to decide which material to choose, then you need to think about the colours. Here are a few tips on choosing the right floor colours.

How often should radiator hoses be replaced?

Cars rely on a variety of fluids, from the oil that lubricates the engine, the brake fluid that provides stopping power and the coolant that keeps the engine from overheating. Coolant travels between the various parts of the system, the radiator, expansion tank, water pump and engine block by way of hoses. These are generally made of a rubber material and can deteriorate over time.

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On older cars, therefore, anything over four years old, the hoses are likely to need replacing at some point so take the time to understand the components of your cooling system – There are some things you can look out for that give you a clue as to whether your hoses are reaching the end of their life.

Signs of wear

There are several signs that hoses need to be replaced. Old hoses are likely to become stiff and brittle, you may also notice surface cracks that are a sign that the rubber is beginning to perish. You should also look out for any bulges or kinks in the hoses.

Carry out a visual inspection under the bonnet. Look for any signs of obvious wear and check for kinks, bulges or cracks. Squeeze the hoses gently – only do this when the engine is cold – if they are soft and pliable then they are fine. If, however, they feel stiff and brittle then it’s time to replace them. Check for any leaking joints or damaged clips.

Image Credit

Replacing hoses

Fitting new cooling hoses is a job that shouldn’t be beyond the skills of a DIY mechanic. Use good quality silicone hoses from a supplier like and it’s also a good idea to replace all of the fixing clips at the same time as the old ones may be corroded or damaged.

You will of course need to drain the cooling system in order to replace the hoses. Make sure you dispose of the old coolant carefully as antifreeze is toxic. After you’ve replaced the hoses refill the system with the correct antifreeze mix – usually 50:50 but check your car’s handbook. You will also need to bleed the system in order to remove any airlocks. Run the engine up to its normal temperature so that the thermostat is open and coolant is flowing right around the system and check for any leaks.

How long does your blog appear in Google?

When you create a blog, one of the questions you can ask yourself is how long it will take to appear on Google. If we have indicated in the WordPress configuration the option “Allow search engines to index this site”, the truth is that it will take relatively little time to exit in Google, provided there is no serious error.

The Benefits of a Timber Frame Home

Many people still think that timber homes are not as sturdy or long-lasting as brick-built properties. This could not be further from the truth, however. Timber frames are incredibly durable and strong. There are so many advantages to building with timber, including its excellent environmental credentials. Here we look at some of those advantages:

Thunderbird or Blunderbird. Virgils mistake.

“Virgil, what the hell are you doing!” screamed Jeff Tracy not really believing what he was seeing in front of his eyes.

“Sorry Father, um FAB!”, replied the mournful voice of his son Virgil over the communicator.

“Don’t you FAB me Virgil I want an explanation and it had better be a good one”. Demanded Jeff.

Virgil sighed he wasn’t really sure how he was going to explain how Thunderbird two was now jammed tight underneath the cave doors of Tracy island whilst his brother Scott happily circled around Tracy island in Thunderbird One. He could distinctly hear his youngest brother Alan laughing in the background.

“Get lost Alan! All you need to do is point Thunderbird 3 straight up and press go when you see daylight. I have to pick out the right pod with the right machine in it, line it all up and make its all attached. What do you do?” demanded Virgil.

Image Credit

“Not smash it into the Pool! And I haven’t!”, shouted back his younger brother. Virgil considered a come back about how his brother Alan was the Milkman’s as he is the only blonde one and they were all brown haired. He figured this might be too much for his Father to bear.

His Father was currently sat with his head in his hands, He knew that he would need to make a call to the Garage Door repair Biggleswade company at to get this fixed and it was going to cost. He wondered what his poor wife, would have thought. Probably that 5 kids was too many and it was just a joke about wanting to make a rescue team.

“You were out with Brains, again weren’t you? Stop drinking that stuff he makes in his Lab!” yelled Jeff deciding that it made him feel a lot better. Virgil had to agree on that one. The stuff Brains made was so potent that even Parker started to look attractive.

“Hang on, Gordons eyes are flashing. What is it Gordon?” said Jeff happy for the interruption.

“I’ve been watching Father and I think I have the answer”, said an excited Gordon.

“Great, but you can just come into the room Son you don’t need to ring in, you’re only next door” said Jeff.

“I know but I love to see my eyes light up, its like I’m possessed or something” replied Gordon.

“What’s your plan?” said Jeff a little unnerved.

“If Virgil floors it I think that the thrust should shake tee two free” said Gordon confidently.

“Ok let’s try it” said a resigned Jeff.

Virgil duly fired the engines and put Thunderbird two on full thrust. It smashed out of the cave ripping off the back spoiler and bounced down the launch pad where it hit the sea and started skimming like a stone.

“Cool” said Alan and Gordon. The screams of Virgil ringing in their ears.

“And this is why I put you in charge of the Yellow Submarine you dingbat!” raged their Father.

Tiling is not as hard as you think.

Have you ever looked at a beautifully tiled bathroom and thought, “there is no way I could do that”? Well in some cases you’d be right. For example, the tiling in Castle Ward is beautiful and the Bathrooms Northern Ireland, where Castle Ward is located are benefiting from it.  That’s like a massive professional job and if you go to you see someone who can help. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give the little jobs a go.

Image Credit

There are a few things that you need to consider before you set of on your project.

  1. Plan it out! – Rather than just rush out and by a box of tiles it’s a very good idea to get an idea as to what you want to look like and what you’re aiming for. Measure everything and figure out where you are going to have to cut tiles as the chances are it’s not going to be a perfect fit of tiles with out any needing to be changed.
  2. Check the boxes. It might seem strange and common sense but it’s a very good idea to check that when you buy the tiles that are all the uniform same otherwise you could end up with some odd ones that don’t match.
  3. Lay your tiles out first. if you lay them out first on a flat surface you can see how you want them to look on the wall and if it works. It is much easier to make the changes now rather than when they are stuck on the wall. Get a pattern scheme decide on it and stick to it.
  4. Clean the wall and surfaces. This is absolutely essential. Before any grout and tile can go on or down you need to have a complete debris a dirt-free surface otherwise they may not stick.
  5. Find the most level point. Using a spirit level find the point where the wall is at its most level, there will always be slight imperfections. Draw a straight line along this point and tiles this first. You know then that the tiles will be straight and true.
  6. Don’t try and do the whole thing in one go. Try and stick to just small jobs and small moves. There may be cases where you need to work around items on the wall. Work towards them.
  7. Use a proper tile cutter. Don’t be afraid to get a good one and ask for advice from the shop before you buy one. Explain what you need to do and so they can advise on the best one.
  8. Don’t forget the sand paper to smooth down any rough edges.
  9. Grout the tiles and give them at least twenty-four hours for it set, long if you can.

If you think about it, it will take awhile but that time is well invested. Take your time and good luck.

Cardiff Castle. The fortress and the Gothic house.

Nestled in the Welsh capital of Cardiff is one of the countries many formidable Castles. The shape of this castle has changed as the years have gone by and there have been continuing years of peace. When King William the Conqueror ordered the building of it there was a very good reason as the Welsh were none too pleased that their monarch had been killed. Later on, this got worse when King Edward invaded said that any heirs of Edward and future English monarchs’ heirs would be called Prince/Princess of Wales. He would have been advised to have sorted out the PR on that by possibly asking a website designer Cardiff based team like to sort it out. Not that they had the internet in the eleventh century.

Image Credit

You can tell by the Welsh name Caerdyff that there is a Castle on the site. Caer in Welsh means Fort or Castle. In fact, there has been one for over two thousand years. The place was originally an Iron age hill fort, and this was then commandeered by the Romans who used it. In fact, there are still parts of the Roman built sections within the castle along with the medieval and the Victorian Gothic stone, so the place really is an old mish mash. It was always a site of military significance being a flashpoint for conflict between the Welsh and the now Anglo-Normans. It was also the stormed in the famous revolt of Owain Glyndwr, the closest the Welsh ever got militarily to gaining their independence. During the English Civil War it was originally held by the Parliamentarians but the Royalist successfully took it as Wales generally supported the Monarch, Charles the First. This was then lost in the Battle of St Fagan’s but, in an unusual move, the Castle was not blown up to the point of ruin like Corfe and many others to stop it being used again against the parliament. It became a military base for parliament to keep order over the Welsh, again and to deter the Country being used by the Scots to invade in support of Charles.

After it was decommissioned it was given to the very rich Marquis of Bute who immediately decided that the place wouldn’t do and set about with extensively and expensively renovating it to more modern tastes and comforts. This also included the conversion of the grounds over to a landscape style as planned out by Lancelot Capability Brown. As the years rolled by the increasing cost of the Castle and grounds began to take a toll on the finances of the Marquis heirs but they were able to install air raid shelters that could accommodate almost two thousand people. After the Second World War and the death of the current Marquis as he had no heirs the Castle was given to the City of Cardiff to be used as they saw it. It is now pay tourist attraction.

How to choose the perfect restaurant concept

Many new establishments have failed at the first hurdle because they didn’t have a clear concept. Before securing investors, premises or staff, you need to make a decision about what type of establishment you want to open.

Image Credit


As part of this decision-making process, you will need to think about the menu and what sort of food you want to offer your diners. Whether it’s European, bistro, continental or fast food, you will also need to decide on your premises and budget.


You may wish for your restaurant to have a theme. For example, if you decide you want to sell burgers, you may want the layout of your restaurant to have American-style booths as part of the décor. If you want to attract local families, fun, bright, and easy-to-clean furniture may be worth considering.


Planning is essential in the decision process, and having a 12-month budgeting and marketing plan can help you feel in control and stop you from overspending. Kitchen equipment, utensils and catering supplies from companies such as all need to be built into the budget.

Image Credit

When it comes to planning the menu, a common mistake is having too much choice. This ends up costing you money as you need to make sure your dishes are always available, but if they’re not ordered by your customers, you end up with waste. Large menus inevitably mean more storage facilities and catering supplies, more cooking space and potentially more staff. Offering a few key dishes plus a daily special means your customers will know what to expect. Word of mouth is your best advertising tool, and happy customers are crucial to your success.

Diners have so much choice that you want to make sure your restaurant is one they come back to. Take a look at this recent article published in The Sun newspaper to find out why celebrities love these restaurants so much.

The location of your premises is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. Having a prime spot on the High Street is going to cost more, but your footfall will be much higher than if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Making sure your customers have somewhere to park their car or access public transport are also essential considerations.

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