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"Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

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The story of the blackstuff (not tar).

I was once told a story (not, as it happens by an Irishman but a Scotsman). You can see the real colour of Guinness when you pour it from a bottle, slowly, into a tilted pint glass when the sun is setting on a long day. The rays of the evening sun streaming through the window will highlight the purple and ruby (which is what the official colour is and not black as it is popularly thought) colours of the burnt brew contained inside. What better way than to rest that theory with by having a glass in your Log Cabins Northern Ireland? can’t provide the stout but they can certainly provide the cabin.

Image credit

If a drink could define a nation then Guinness would be it. It’s synonymous with the whole of Ireland and one of the country’s institutions. It is still brewed in the great capital city of Dublin on the site first purchased and used to produce it by Arthur Guinness in 1759. He got it for a steal, £45 a year for nine thousand years, and within ten years he was shipping the stuff in 6 oak barrels to the willing British public across the water (Ireland being a part of the United Kingdom in those days). Guinness is a stout or a porter which is a dark beer and Arthur Guinness stuck with this recipe. It was incredible successfully and by 1876 those six barrels now stood at seven hundred and seventy nine thousand. The Guinness Company was soon formed as the amount of barrels topped the one million mark in 1886. Naturally there was a huge scrabble for the shares which were under great demand. Unlike other breweries Guinness decided not to open Pub’s but rather to sell the drink as an alternative option under licence. This cut the running costs considerably and allowed the Guinness Company to have one of the most ground-breaking and, for the time, generous welfare system for its employees which numbered five thousand at the turn of the century.

Image credit

Under the guidance of the great Sir John Lumsden the Company recognised that a large part of its workforce lived in squalor and extreme poverty. This was ever the case with the Guinness family who saw their role as not just about providing employment but also acting as a safety net in times of extreme hardship.

The drink has changed over the years to be less bitter and have an even creamier head it’s even able to be drunk by Vegans after a change to its filtration system.

Emotional Intelligence: What is it and how to develop it?

Classifiable among the most requested soft skills, emotional intelligence is considered a very important factor in the workplace. For this reason, especially in recent years, companies have begun to pay close attention to this feature and recruiters consider it among the decisive elements in the interview and to draw conclusions at the end of a selection process.

Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, manage and value one’s own and others’ emotions.

The cognitivist psychologist Daniel Goleman treated the subject in a 1995 essay, identifying two main skills at the base of emotional intelligence

  • Personal competence: It is the emotional intelligence applied to oneself. It concerns the ability to recognize one’s emotions, self-evaluate one’s resources and use them to manage one’s feelings, face them or exploit them to achieve one’s goals.
  • Social competence: Concerns the methods of managing relationships with others, in particular the ability to recognize the emotions of others (empathy), communicate, offer a valid support for the management of feelings and give a positive influence.

Benefits at work

Emotional intelligence is rightly among the most important and required soft skills, as it constitutes a fundamental transversal competence for integrating the framework of technical skills and traditional IQ.

Companies and recruiters consider it a huge added value, because on a professional level it allows not only to develop self-awareness and self-control, but also facilitates relations between employees, thus favoring a peaceful working environment and allowing for more effective strategic business planning.

Emotional intelligence is also an essential element for expressing and developing leadership skills, combining technical skills with the ability to manage and value emotions, one’s own and others.

How to develop emotional intelligence

Surely emotional intelligence is a part of inborn talent, but it is possible to exercise it and improve one’s abilities. Here are some tips to follow …

Take some time for reflection and self-analysis

The starting point for understanding and understanding others is definitely self-analysis. Cultivating self- awareness generates awareness of one’s potential and shortcomings, which in turn is the first step towards improvement. It is therefore of vital importance to be able to dedicate some time to reflection daily.

Pay attention to emotions

In the context of self-analysis, it is necessary to practice identifying the emotions that come into play in the different situations of life, both professional and private.

Identifying the nature of the sensations that prevent us from doing something will allow us to face the situation with more awareness and detachment. Conversely, recognizing the emotions that positively influence work will help to find new stimuli more easily.

It is also very important to learn not to focus exclusively on oneself, but also to pay attention to the ways of acting and the reactions of others, trying to recognize the emotions behind each person’s behavior.

Dose the technology

In order to develop self-reflection and foster personal relationships it is, of course, necessary to reduce the reckless use of technological devices and social networks.

The assumption of always being virtually connected with the world sometimes precludes the enhancement of real relationships and distracts from a dialogue with oneself, therefore from an awareness of one’s own personal and work performances. We therefore need to rethink our relationship with technology and balance the time we dedicate to it with other activities that allow us to develop emotional intelligence.

Why Is Purple Considered to Be a Regal Colour?

Purple as a Representation of Wealth

Purple has been an elite colour for centuries. Associated with power, royalty, and wealth, the colour’s unique status is due to the original dye’s cost and rarity.

Image Credit

According to The Guardian, the city of Tyre (now known as Lebanon) is where the original dye came from. It was extracted from a particular type of mollusc unique to the Mediterranean Sea in the region around the city. The extraction was no easy task for fabric traders – producing one gram of purple required no fewer than 9,000 molluscs.

Image Credit

As the colour was so costly, only rulers were able to buy and wear purple fabric, and the colour became linked to the elite classes of Persia, Egypt, and Rome, although sometimes it was too costly even for them. As rulers were often viewed as god-like, purple also became associated with holiness and spirituality.

The Reign of Mauve

The exclusivity of the colour continued into the Elizabethan era – a time governed by Sumptuary Laws in England, which outlined which classes could wear which clothes and colours. It was forbidden by Elizabeth I for anyone to wear purple other than the royal family’s close relatives, so the colour began to signify social status in addition to wealth.

Now purple is a popular colour choice in clothes shops – with stores stocking anything from purple shoes to a purple maxi dress – and it’s all thanks to William Henry Perkin.

Around 150 years ago, while working on an anti-malaria drug, Perkin stumbled upon a way to create a synthetic purple compound. He made a fortune when he patented the dye after discovering the compound could safely be used to dye fabrics. Tyrian Purple and Aniline Purple were the names used for the dye, and this era marked the beginning of purple becoming more readily available to the masses. Ponder this next time you eye up a purple maxi dress in a high street shop!

Later on, around 1859, the colour came to be known as mauve, a name taken from the French for a purple mallow flower. On the back of this, the dye compound came to be called “mauveine” by chemists. As time went on the colour became more widely available, and the days of purple being an elite colour passed into history.

Five tips for independent financial advisers to market their business

Independent financial advisors need to market their business to stay competitive and find new customers. It is not always possible to wait for others to find your business on their own initiative. Marketing is a necessary part of any business if it is to grow and be successful. Here are five tips for marketing your IFA business.

Image Credit

1. Gain Referrals

Referrals can be useful when marketing your IFA services. A referral network can offer a great way to build up good reviews and encourage new business. You can find groups that meet up regularly and share referrals. This is a good way to find potential new customers and leverage your professional network.

2. Refine your Pitch

When you only have a short time to introduce yourself, your pitch can make a difference. First impressions can count for a lot, so prepare a good summary of your work. When networking, you can have a few sentences planned to introduce your business and encourage interest in what you do.

3. Have Confidence

Confidence can be hard to gain when starting out, but this is often where you need to “fake it to make it“. Have faith in your business and speak confidently about it. Be cautious when talking to clients about setting up on your own; they might not come along for the ride straight away and you might need to prove yourself first, so be sure to show confidence in your own ability.

Image Credit

4. Know Your Audience

Think about your target audience and consider how best to reach them. If you are targeting young people, consider social media and video. Posting short, interesting videos weekly can help you build a following. If your market is older people, consider golf clubs or museums and try to build relationships there. If you are working as an independent financial advisor Marlborough is a good city to build up relationships with all age groups. Because many people are searching here for an independent financial advisor Marlborough could be a sensible place to consider setting up business.

5. Check Spending

It is advisable to be cautious when spending money on advertising. Ask for multiple quotations before committing to an agency for digital marketing work, direct advertising or social media work. Consider your target audience and focus your marketing on that niche.

How to reduce your child’s screen time

It’s all too tempting to plug your child in to an electronic device, but we all know that too much screen time isn’t good for children. It’s a good idea to set some limits on how much TV is being watched or how you’re your son or daughter has been playing on a phone or games console. In a world filled with screens, this isn’t an easy task. Here are useful ideas to help get your child away from a screen for a while:

  1. Be a good role model

If you always have your nose pressed up against a screen, what sort of role model are being? You can’t lecture a child about screen time as you binge watch Netflix. If your child sees you scrolling through your phone every few minutes or keeping the TV on while you fall asleep, it sets a bad example.

Image credit

  1. Stay up-to-date

Kids of today are super-smart when it comes electronics, so educate yourself on becoming more tech-savvy. It’s important that you understand the latest crazes, apps and social media trends. Unless you know a little about the digital world, you can’t educate your children about the dangers. If you don’t know the ratings of games, how can you know if they are too graphic or violent? Learn about what’s going in your child’s online world.

  1. Establish tech-free zones

Create areas within the home that are designated no tech zones. The dining room table is a perfect example of a space that should be devoted to mealtimes and conversation only.

  1. Create ‘unplugged’ times

A great idea is to set aside a time when the whole family leaves devices alone and has some quality one-to-one family time. This might be the hour after dinner or the hour before bedtime. Whenever you choose, stay firm and insist that everyone turns off their electronics and spends time together.

Image credit

  1. Set up parental controls

It’s important to protect your children from any explicit content on TV and online. Set parental controls to monitor what they are accessing and watching.

  1. Encourage activities

Children can easily become reliant on technology to supply their entertainment so encourage activities that don’t require a screen. Get outside to play, go for a bike ride or swimming, read a book or play a board game for a change. Outdoor play is crucial for a child’s health and development. Consider investing in wooden climbing frames from

  1. See screen time as a privilege

We seem to have forgotten that screen time should be a privilege and not a right. Why not introduce the removal of screen time as a negative consequence for bad behaviour? If you limit screen time, don’t allow them to behave well for earning extra time. Be firm and stick to the daily limit and introduce other non-screen rewards for good behaviour.

  1. Ban from the bedroom

Bedrooms are for sleeping, so don’t allow electronics in the bedroom. IT is proven that electronics disrupt sleep so don’t let your child have a TV, mobile phone, games console or laptop in with them at night.


We have Alexa, Barbie has Closet.

We are starting to rely on home automation more and more in our dwellings and this is generally seen as being to the good. However, getting one installed can be a bit daunting for most of us so it’s great news that a Home Automation Company like can be called upon to help come and set it all up for you or give advice on what you might need from the many options available.


Image credit

One person who already has a system very similar to Alexa is the original “It girl” who has absolutely everything anyway, Barbie. She has a robotic system built for her by her eternal boyfriend Ken. It’s the quite brilliant and also slightly deranged, Closet. Although, if you were constantly stuck in Barbie’s cavernous wardrobe working out the best possible outfits for the doyen of the fashion world based on mathematical principles to gain perfection, you’d probably go a bit loopy as well. Even a hyper intelligent super computer system like Closet obviously needs to take a break from such highly complicate mathematics but he finds himself literally stuck in the Closet at the whims of Barbie and her friends.


Image credit

Closet is, of course coloured Pink with the exception of his glowing, slightly malevolent looking red light for an eye. He is a stick like figure that pops out of places in the dream house ready to be of assistance. He is in no way like the other gone wrong robot computer system Hal 9000 from 2001: A space Odyssey. Or perhaps he is. At one point he decides to lock Barbie and her friends in the wardrobe. Ken has foolishly given Closet the controls to the entire house’s electrical systems when programming him so Closet effectively shuts the whole Dreamhouse down. Ken has to step in and moans at the computer system to sort itself out. “Sorry, Father” it says but perhaps Ken should be taken to task as he added a “Good” and “Bad” setting on Closet in the first place.

Closet pops up now and again in the Life in the Dreamhouse series causing general mayhem and not really fulfilling his brief as a computerised organiser, perhaps Barbie should invest in something else? To prove how nuts he is, Closet shows himself to be a big fan of the vacuous Ryan, Barbie’s wannabe boyfriend and his terrible music.

All About Beech Trees

Beech trees are prevalent across the UK, but how much do you know about them? Its Latin name is Fagus and it’s a genus of the deciduous trees in the Fagaceae family. Here are some interesting facts about Beech trees:

Beech trees are native to the temperate areas of Europe, North America and Asia., growing on a many different types of soil, as long as they are not waterlogged. Beech grows best in limestone or chalky soil types.

The Beech is an incredibly sturdy and durable tree that can survive for up to 400 years depending on the type of species. You’ll know a Beech tree from its light grey, smooth bark.

Image credit

Beech trees are unique in that they are hardly, if at all, tooth-edged. The leaves are between 2 and 6 inches long and the newly formed leaves are covered in hair and a vibrant green colour. The older leaves are bald and much darker green in colour.

When Beeches flower, they bear both the female and the male flowers on the same plant. The female flowers appear in pairs and the males form as catkins that are pollinated by the wind. The flowers appear in spring just after new leaves sprout.

Thankfully, the tree is not susceptible to threats from disease or insects, but it is susceptible to high winds, particularly in urban environments. The bark of the Beech tree is also very thin, meaning it can scar easily. This makes it a popular tree for people to carve in, such as their initials or graffiti. The tree is unable to heal itself.

If you’re lucky enough to have beech trees in your garden, keep them healthy and well-maintained with the help of a Tree Surgeon Poole. Contact Tree Surgeon Poole Kieran Boyland for all your tree needs.

The tree produces nuts, known as Beechnuts, which have such a high fat content that they can be pressed and used as edible oil. Beechnuts were also used for cattle feed in the past. The nuts continue to be an important part of the diet of many forest mammals and birds.

The wood from a Beech tree makes ideal firewood as it can be easily split and will burn for a long time with a bright and gentle flame. The wood is also used in the production of many items of furniture, toys, boxes and flooring.

Image credit

Interestingly, before paper was available, beech wood was used as a tablet for writing on in Germanic cultures. In today’s German language, the word for book is ‘buch’, taken from the word ‘Buche’ meaning Beech tree.

In tough times, when no walnut was available, military forces would use beech to make rifles as a low-cost alternative.


What is the Holy Grail of office chairs?

Is there such a thing as the perfect office chair? The search for the right office chair is a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail. You think you’ve found the one – the one that will stop your back pain, keep you comfortable yet focused and support you through good times and bad. Alas, the relationship often ends sooner than you imagined when you realise the chair hasn’t fixed all the ills you’ve been experiencing. How many if these have you tried?

The Gym Ball

Also known as a Swiss Ball, Exercise Ball or Balance Ball Chair. If you invested in one of these, thinking you’ll somehow be able to kill two birds with one stone and work and tone simultaneously – you’ve no doubt assigned it to the shed or loft by now. It made you uncomfortable, you didn’t get a six pack and surprised yourself at how quickly the bouncy novelty wore off.

Image credit

The Backless Kneeling Chair

Remember these? They were all the rage at one time and if you tried one, you’ll have soon realised that they were designed more as a form of torture than an ergonomically-designed zen chair of wellness. It might have been fun for a while, but the kneeling was unsustainable for a full day at work. It soon found an alternative and much more useful role as a clothes horse.

The Executive Chair

Otherwise known as the CEO Chair, a Boardroom Chair or just the chair belonging to the Big Cheese. You bought it because it made you feel like a super villain in an evil lair or thought it would make you more assertive in meetings. The arms and swivel ability made you feel important, until you first bumped said arms into your desk, which became increasingly annoying. You’ll have probably tried to palm it off on someone else, hoping to make them feel as important as you once did.

Treat yourself to a genuinely stylish and comfortable Eames office Chair Replica from Pash Classics. The Eames office Chair Replica has all the manoeuvrability and support you need but without the hefty price tag.

The Antique Stool

If you were ever tempted to ‘go rustic’, you might have been tempted by an antique stool, also known as a worker’s or rustic stool. Before long, you soon realised that furniture such as this is only good for stacking artfully arranged books or a potted plant in the conservatory. You’ll end up with backache and retire it for use as a side table in a matter of days.

The Budget Swivel Chair

Things might start well but its flimsy lack of support and style will soon leave you wanting for more. You’ll soon come to realise that budget isn’t always best when it comes to an important piece of furniture you need to sit in for many hours a day. Don’t think a cushion will help either.

The best tattoo ideas to tattoo your brown skin

The best tattoo ideas to tattoo your brown skin. The brown skins are the most difficult to tattoo, but that does not mean they can not wear well-defined tattoos and strong colors. However, the smallest, those that contain fine lines or light tones are not the most suitable for these skins, they are diffuse and not very recognizable. If you have dark skin and are thinking about getting a tattoo , check out our ideas and above all, look for an expert tattooist in your skin type. This tattoo made you more stylist.

best tattoo ideas

Tattoo ideas for dark skin

  1. Tribal 

This type of tattoos feel wonderful to the brunettes . They are usually made using black and gray inks and also have clear and strong lines that make them much more defined in this type of skin. Choose your tribal carefully depending on whether you are looking for a symbol of protection or one that represents the passage to adult life, for example. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Names 

Tattooing the names of your family and friends may be a good idea for darker skins. However, keep in mind that in this case the tattoo has to be large so that the letters are well distinguished, so look for an area of ​​the body where you can wear it as you deserve. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Flores 

They look better in black and white, with gradients of gray to give them volume and texture. If you want the flowers to be very colorful, it will be more difficult to achieve and you will have to find an expert in this technique. The large bunches of flowers on the back and shoulders, for example, look great. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Geometric

By having clear and well-defined lines , as long as they are not too thin, they are suitable for dark skins. Avoid combining too many different shapes in a single tattoo and opt for simpler forms that look better. For example, a tattoo with the different phases with a schematic design will look great. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Animals

If you want to wear a tattoo with your favorite animal , go ahead. The only thing you have to take into account when choosing the design with your tattoo artist is the color and size. As we have already said, it is better that you choose a black and white drawing that is large. That way it will look much better. It is one of the best tattoo ideas. Find more ideas like this in here- The Style Tribune

Seven tips to win the battle against the study

An ancient legend has it that the tests can be prepared from time to time studying, without being restricted to the last minute and start a race against time student would see, at a distinct disadvantage, forced to interrupt their favorite TV series and to abandon their sanity, reflecting itself in hallucinatory delirium of Jack Sparrow trapped the boundaries of the world.

battle against the study

How can we make this scenario does not translate into reality?

Definitely plan the study can be an excellent idea. Specifically, here are seven tips…

  1. Try to balance the load of exams for each session:

    If you are not frustrated and you can indulge in the luxury of avoiding a marathon of exams, the best thing to do is to distribute between January / February and June / July in a balanced way, so to study better and with less effort;

  2. Begin by opening the books as soon as possible:

    Study for long, without being restricted to last minute, will ensure that when it nears the session we will have the water in the throat, the anxiety and stress. Where is the catch? Well, you just need to be brave and not be frightened by that brick seems that staring with evil eyes. Open it will already be a first step and show that we are not dealing with the monster book of monsters, ready to attack at any moment to else.

  3. Make a schedule:

    If for example you need to prepare three exams during a session, the week can be divided taking into account your degree of difficulty: two days for the difficult subject, one each for the exams easier, and the remaining two dedicated exclusively to relaxation and social life, which are part of the fundamental rights of the Code of Students and are inalienable. Respect the roadmap, will ensure that no one, survived the session, will need to address prayers to any deity listened in all known languages, including those of fantasy.

  4. Use a good method of study:

    For matters discursive summaries you are fine; contrary to the scientific disciplines, involving calculations and reasoning, can be aid schemes. If in the meantime follow the lessons, it is useful to keep up with the reading and correction of notes or the transcription of recordings. Ask for a hand to a colleague is not forbidden, indeed, “the unity is strength!”, But often, for some people, working individually helps to be faster in the study and to ensure that the concepts remain more impressed after the examination (“who does himself makes for three!”). Points of view. The method of study is essential, is what more than anything else can ensure success or failure, but do not make the ‘mistake of comparing it to that of other people, because there is something more subjective?

  5. Avoid distractions:

    If you do not need to study, the Internet must be absolutely turned off, because otherwise we know how it ends: “I am replying to this message!”, “Controlling only notice this!”, and “Just watching an episode!” and then mysteriously, “Come on, dinner is ready!”… But a quarter hour before you were 16.30! Unfortunately, it is a moment. It takes willpower, a bit like the movies, when the trailer during the recall of popcorn is more seductive siren song, but we are stronger and resist until the beginning of the film.

  6. Make the final revision after studying the final revision is fundamental:

    It does not correspond, for a girl who has a date, to go out without first re-checked his hair. The revision takes to have a vision of set of all concepts, to improve the exposure, and to calm to see that the concepts have been assimilated (in this case the anxious exception; you serve only a miracle to calm down).

  7. Do not use too much coffee and ensure at least eight hours of sleep:

    Drinking too much coffee does not always help to focus, rather, it is often stay awake staring blankly books. And scientifically it is proven that sleep is one of the best remedies for the concentration that leaves us. If we do not reduce it to investigate all last time we can spend more time at that locus amounts warm and enveloping called “bed”, especially that the winter makes life more beautiful, keeping us away from all that we want to avoid … What to expect open the books?

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