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Why Use a ‘Man with a Van’ service Rather Than Driving Yourself?

Are you about to move home or complete renovations in your current home? You may think that you can save money by getting friends and family to help you, but prices for man and a van services can be very reasonable, and there are several reasons why they might be used.

Man with a Van

Image Credit

Using a Professional and Reliable Service

The man with a van service is a professional one that can be used to move or get rid of smaller items in the home. It may be a van with one or two people who can help lift and carry items. As they are used to this kind of work, it can prevent back and other injuries. Using a man and van in Slough, for example, means that the man will be more likely to know the best ways of moving furniture up and down stairs and in and out of windows if need be.

Need Waste Disposal Services

Hiring a man and van in Slough can also help with waste disposal in a safe way because they will know where to go to dispose of waste, creating less stress and hassle than if you were to do this yourself. They will also know more about disposing of waste in a safe way, as detailed on the Slough Council website:

Man with a Van

Image Credit

Insurance and Accidents

If you are looking to hire a van only, there is a lot more responsibility that you would take on, including making sure that you have the right insurance and that you’re able to return the van before a certain time. Insurance is very important and is required in case of any accidents or breakages. There is also the risk of damage to the van itself, which would be your responsibility to pay for. This would not be the case if you use services such as those from

Fuel Costs

Another cost to consider if you are looking to hire a van without the man is for fuel. Different companies will have different requirements, but it is often the responsibility of the hirer to make sure that there is enough fuel for their journey and enough fuel for the return to the hiring company. The fuel itself will cost much more than what is usual for a car.

Imhotep’s Issue

Imhotep was angry. He’d spent the better part of the day speaking to slaves and workers about the Pyramid that was being built. They weren’t getting it despite his best efforts. He took a deep breath and tried again.


Image Credit

“Right, now what’s the problem?” He asked. Khamet looked at his sandals. He was hot and the sun cream that they gave him would need a top up. He wasn’t a slave, but the Slave master was fingering his whip in a meaningful way that did not inspire him with any confidence that what he was about to say would not be met by a swift flick around his ear. Still, nothing ventured.

“Well,” Khamet started, “its these instructions see.”

“What about them? They’re very clear to my mind” Imhotep cut in.

“No, with respect Sir they aren’t. Me and the lads are a bit confused by them”, said Khamet.

“In what way?”, asked Imhotep.

“Squiggly line 3 times, Dog faced man holding a staff, two birds singing at each other then there’s a load of people walking in a line. Um, what does that actually mean Sir?” Khamet decided to go for it.

Imhotep sighed then got angry. “Take the block and put it on the other one!”.

“Ahh, gotcha! Then what? There’s more lines and pictures”. Imhotep stormed off. Why? Why didn’t they understand simple hieroglyphics what could be done so they actually did? The Pharaoh would be dead, and all wrapped up, literally, well before it was finished at this rate.

What they decided to do was scale back the hieroglyphics into something that the workers could understand. Like with anything you’re Reading Web design, a technical manual, flat pack furniture if the instructions are clear then life becomes a lot easier. Some people who know about making that happen are the Reading web design team

As the ancient Egyptians did not have the internet they created a form of writing instructions on wax tablets. This was the basis for our modern alphabet. It’s thought that only a few in Egyptian society like Imhotep were able to understand all of it anyway. It was totally impractical as a form of communication to the masses and was seen more as way of identifying who the top dogs were in society. The more you understood the higher up the society food chain you were.


Image Credit

“Right, I’ve had a thought and made this”, said Imhotep.

“Ahh, it’s another set of instructions is it?” said Khamet.

“Yes, but this time I’ve given you a little guide, so you can tell what it all means” replied Imhotep not a little smugly.

“So, it’s this stone is it Sir. Fancy!” said Khamet.

“It is”, said Imhotep. “Don’t go losing it though, I don’t want someone digging it up in years to come and using it to translate our hieroglyphics so that they can better understand our mysteries”.

“No worries Sir, I’ll give it to my wife Rosetta to look after, it’ll be safe with her…”, replied a confident Khamet as he set off back to work.

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Beating the Beast from the East – Best Ways to Stay Warm in the Snow

So far this winter, Britain has seen so much snow we haven’t known what to do with ourselves! The young and the young at heart have been having a great time, building snowmen, going out for snowball fights and sledging, and have been overjoyed at the school closures that resulted from the wintery weather. But the snow has also caused travel chaos, with many people having to sleep overnight in their cars and await rescue, and many others not being able to make it into work.

Stay Warm in the Snow

Image Credit

For many, more vulnerable people, the cold weather can be the difference between life and death. The elderly are particularly likely to suffer in the cold weather, as are people with certain pre-existing health conditions such as people with heart problems, respiratory illnesses and pregnant women. If you do know anybody who is likely to be having health problems from the cold weather, go and check on them and make sure that they are keeping warm.

Stay Warm in the Snow

Image Credit

One of the most important things for anyone to keep their health good in the cold is to ensure that they have a warm home. Make sure that they are eating well, even if it is a hot tin of soup and some bread, it is important to keep energy levels up. Make sure that the home itself is well insulated – this will make it less easy for the heat to be able to escape. Loft insulation is good, as is good windows and doors that keep the heat in – Gloucester double glazing company  can help with this.

Having good insulation also means that heating costs can be kept down – especially important for those on a low income. The minimum recommended temperature for the home is 18 degrees Celsius. For babies, it is important that the room they sleep in is between 18 – 20 degrees Celsius. This will reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

When it is cold outside, still try to be as active as possible. This will help to warm the body up. Plenty of layers of warm clothing, and a hot water bottle also help, especially at night when the body is not able to be physically active to keep warm. Simple things such as draught excluders and drawing the curtains also help to keep the chilly air outside where it belongs!

Top maintenance tips for vans

Your van is likely to be your most loyal employee and may also be one of your biggest investments. Without it, your business cannot function, so it makes sense to look after it. This will save you money in the long run, as you will avoid expensive repair and breakdown fees. It will also be worth more when you come to trade it in for a newer model.

maintenance tips for vans

Image Credit

Here are some simple ways in which you can keep your van on the road:

Tyres and engine maintenance

Good-quality tyres are essential for road safety. Van tyres need to withstand a heavier load than those of an average car, which increases the pressure on them. According the Department for Transport, 446 accidents a year are linked to defective tyres, with low pressure one of the main problems. You can find the correct pressures in the van’s manual; in addition, they are often displayed inside the vehicle. Check them regularly. Keep reading Spanish Car Brands.

Your van’s engine is a complex system of many moving parts; without some simple and regular checks, it can seize up and stop working. Start by checking the oil levels using the dip stick. At the same time, check the engine coolant levels, the windscreen washer levels, and the power steering fluid.

maintenance tips for vans

Image Credit

Interior and exterior maintenance

Van interiors can become severely damaged by tools, supplies and equipment; however, many van owners find that van plylining is the perfect solution. With kits available from suppliers such as, you can use high-quality, heavy-duty ply to protect the interior of your van from damage.

Exterior maintenance is also vital. In particular, it is essential that the lights are working properly to protect your safety and that of other road users. Keep them clean and ensure that the bulbs have not blown. If you do come across a bulb that is not working, get it replaced right away.

Dust and dirt not only collects on lights but can also make the paintwork look scruffy, which is not the impression you want your business to give. It also causes the paintwork to corrode more rapidly. Repair any small chips and scratches quickly to prevent a patch of rust appearing.

With just a little care and attention, your van will continue to be an asset to your business.

Continue reading 4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace

Nine marketing techniques to encourage spending

In retail, it’s important to encourage customers to spend as much as possible, and there are plenty of techniques available to store owners to do just that. Here are some great examples.

marketing techniques

Image Credit

Sale, sale, sale! 

That big red sale sign is a marketing tool – there may not be that many items genuinely for sale, but that sale sign will tempt you in. In fact, you may find yourself at the checkout with non-sale items! Remember, the colour red makes people act faster.

A matter of urgency

Limited time offers increase that sense of urgency, creating a tempting illusion that you must buy it and you must buy it now!

Music to their ears

Research tells us that in-store music, such as that available from, has a significant influence on our shopping habits. Slow music makes shoppers spend more and move more leisurely around the store. Loud music encourages people to rush and leave shops in a hurry, potentially affecting sales. Classical music can encourage more expensive purchases. Continue reading 7 capital errors in web design that you should not commit

marketing techniques

Image Credit

Rows of trolleys

A supermarket’s trolley park is home to…well, trolleys! And there are a huge number of them, and they are quite sizeable beasts. Psychologically, this has an impact on shoppers, encouraging them to make larger purchases to fill those trolleys up.

What’s that smell?

It’s probably freshly baked bread. Those baked goods – from delicious cakes, cookies and pies – encourage impulse buys.

Give it a try

Everybody loves a free sample and research shows that shoppers are more likely to buy something they have tried for free.

Almost there

By the time you get to the checkout with your overflowing trolley, your self-control has probably left the building. Then you are confronted with sweet treats, magazines and inexpensive trinkets which are hard to resist.

Size matters

According to retail research, people spend less time shopping – and therefore buying – in small, overcrowded places. That’s why department stores and supermarkets are housed in large buildings. Clever aisle layout gives the same impression.

In the eye of the beholder

Pricey items are often placed at eye level or positioned at the end of aisles. This encourages a connection between the item and the buyer and often results in that item somehow finding its way into your trolley.a

How to Care for a Corn Snake

There are many people who despise the idea of having a snake in their home. But there are many others who love these fascinating and rewarding creatures. If you are of the mindset of the latter, and you are wondering where to start with snake ownership, then read on. Corn snakes are a great ‘starter snake’ as they are relatively easy to care for and have wonderful temperaments. So, if you are setting out on your first steps to having your own snake, then read on…

Image Credit

Temperature: Corn snakes, like most reptiles, are naturally found in the wild in warmer climates. In America, they are welcomed in the barns of farmers where they keep the mouse and rat population at bay. Temperature is one of the most important things to think about when you own a snake, as it really is life or death for them. Make sure that your house is warm enough for the snake – boiler installation Gloucester company can help with that! The room needs to ideally be around 21 degrees Celsius. You will also need to supply a heat mat for the snake and this will need to be monitored. The ideal temperature is between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius to allow your snake to warm up when it wants to. If your snake is too cold you will notice that it spends all of it’s time on the heat mat, if it is too warm it will always be in the water bowl trying to cool down! So, make sure those temperatures are right before. Also, make sure that the tank is situated away from draughty windows and doors and out of direct sunlight.

Image Credit

Food: As mentioned earlier, the favourite food of Corn Snakes is mice and rats. You can buy these from most pet shops, it is best to find yourself a place to purchase the food from before you take on your pet. You must buy the food already dead – it is illegal and inhumane to both the snake and the mouse if you are feeding it live prey. Buy the animals already frozen and you can store them in the freezer for when you need them. The size that you need will depend upon the size of the snake. You can find a handy guide here to give you a rough idea of how much food your snake will need.

Things to Remember for Desert Survival

The desert is a formidable place that is notorious for claiming the lives of even the hardiest of explorers throughout history. It combines the lethal cocktail of blisteringly hot days, freezing cold nights, a lack of water and plenty of deadly animals to threaten the lives of anyone who travels through it. So, if you should ever find yourself in the desert, either by chance or by choice, what are the main things that you will need to remember in order to survive? Here are a few of them:

Desert Survival

Image Credit

Protect yourself from the heat – The sun during the daytime gets incredibly hot. Most of the desert animals choose to stay under cover during the day – for good reason! Take a tip from the locals and do the same thing! If you have shelter from the sun use it, especially during midday when the sun is at its strongest. Anglo Forro a leading outdoor survival store can provide you with all you need for a desert refuge. It is best to travel early in the morning and last thing at night. If being out in the sun is unavoidable, make sure that you are wearing a hat. If you don’t have one, use any piece of clothing to cover the top of your head in particular.

Desert Survival

Image Credit

Water – One of the deserts rarest treats, the human body can’t go long without it. Make sure that water is a priority and that you have plenty of clean fresh drinking water. Do not gulp the water in large amounts, instead drink it gradually throughout the day in smaller sips to stay well hydrated. Make sure you have water with you, as your chances of finding it in the desert are very slim, and with that sun beating down you will be dehydrated quicker. Also, don’t even think about drinking alcohol in the desert – it will dehydrate you even faster, and impair your ability to think rationally – essential for desert survival.

Be Calm – This is a very important rule to remember in any survival situation. Keeping a cool head and not panicking will make your chances of survival much higher than someone who is panicking as you are much more likely to make sensible decisions when calm, not to mention panicking will over exert you leading to you losing even more water!

Will children be prevented from partaking in cancer clinical trials after Brexit?

Concerns about trade, immigration and border control have dominated the Brexit-related headlines, but the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU extends to other, less obvious areas as well, such as patient access to potentially life-saving experimental treatments via clinical trials, especially in the field of paediatric oncology.

Image Credit

Difficulties of running paediatric oncology trials

Clinical trials specifically aimed at children with cancer is a niche field in the pharmaceutical sector. This is partially due to the fact that participation by children in clinical trials is even more strictly regulated than adult participation due to heightened safety and ethical concerns. For example, the NHS’ Health Research Ethics Guidance prohibits children under 16 years of age or their parents/guardians from participating in paid research studies offering financial inducements.

Image Credit

Additionally, because the incidence of cancer in children is relatively low, running a clinical trial in this area is not seen as cost-effective by pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, if a pharmaceutical company does decide to run a trial in this area, it will be a multi-centre trial recruiting participants from various countries in order to be able to build up a statistically significant number of patients.

Finally, while websites such as have made it easier for interested members of the public to participate in clinical trials, it can be difficult for recruiters to meet the informed consent requirement in the case of children, especially in the complex field of oncology.

Impact of Brexit on children with cancer

While the UK has one of the lowest incidences of childhood cancer in the world, each year, 1,600 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in children aged 0 to 14 years. If such children cannot access new and innovative treatments via clinical trials or through timely access to new drugs, health professionals fear that children could be denied potentially life-saving interventions.

There are uncertainties over how the EU’s regulations governing cross-border clinical trials will apply to the UK after Brexit, so it is foreseeable that pharmaceutical companies will look elsewhere for patients. In addition, with the UK set to withdraw from the European Medicines Agency, it is expected that there will be delays in new drugs being brought to the UK as the country will no longer fall within the scope of the EMA’s single, EU-wide marketing authorisation.

How to get back into sport after an injury

If you love to stay active and enjoy taking part in sports, you will understand how frustrating it can be when you suffer an injury. Having an injury can mean you are unable to play the sports you love for a significant period; even when you are fit again, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips on getting back into the habit.

sport injury

Image Credit

See a doctor

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between something such as a pulled muscle, which will heal by itself, and something more serious. It is always wise to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis so that you have proper care and take the right amount of time to heal. Continuing to play sports while injured could mean you make the injury even worse.

Know where you went wrong

After an injury, many people become wary of playing again. This is often because they are unsure exactly how the injury happened. Understanding how the injury occurred is the best way of avoiding it happening again. Ask a professional to watch you play and pinpoint where you are going wrong. You could also run through some sport drill videos to strengthen the way you play before you return.

sport injury

Image Credit

Prepare your body

You are far more likely to get hurt if you are not taking the time to prepare your body properly before playing sport. Firstly, food is fuel – you need this fuel for energy. If you are trying to take part when you are underfed and tired, you are going to make mistakes. Secondly, it is important to warm up and stretch before doing any kind of physical exercise to protect yourself from pulling or tearing muscles. Some great drills and warm-up exercises are available from resources such as

Don’t give up

Suffering an injury can be really disheartening, but this does not mean you should give up. Continue to build up your strength, physically and mentally, in preparation for your return. Ask your doctor for advice on supplements that may help you to recover quickly and avoid anything that could cause additional inflammation, such as alcohol and sugar. When you are ready to re-join the sporting world, take it a day at a time and don’t push yourself too far.

Ideas for sewing this spring’s catwalk trends

There are so many exciting new styles in fashion this season. Many people will be pleased to get out of their cosy winter clothes and dream of sunnier days ahead. How about making yourself some new clothes at a fraction of the price that you would pay in the major high street and designer shops? When creating your own clothes, concentrate on practical designs for every day, not zany, high fashions that no one except models on the catwalk would wear.

catwalk trends

Image Credit

Let’s look at the major players for this year’s spring and summer looks.

Pastel Shades

This feminine look is always popular. Plain and printed silky dressmaking fabric is widely available in crepe and satin. Popular colours that work well with these fabrics are green, ivory and silver. Try the ruched look as an alternative to plain styles.

Formal Denim

This fabric has never gone out of fashion and can be used for dressing smart and casual styles alike. There are so many different shades of denim, and the fabric can be made up into dresses, tops, jackets and skirts, as well as the classic jeans.

catwalk trends

Image Credit

Bright Colours

Bolder colours suit many people and are on trend. Cotton jersey and crepe dressmaking fabric is easy to sew into stunning outfits. For those who are confident enough to carry off this look, it is particularly effective if used for the whole outfit; otherwise, bright colours can be teamed with neutral shades and denim.

Pencil Skirts

This is another classic, and many fabric options are available in terms of colours and prints. You can even find fringed material. Take a look at to see some fabric options.


If you missed out on trying some of the more daring sleeve trends last year, it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon with this trend as it shows no signs of fading away. There are many patterns available for at least four different styles of sleeves that can be made in fabrics such as cotton lawn and gingham. Sleeve fabrics are also available from #

Tropical and Flower Prints

Finally, for those who like the really bold look, these fabrics are definitely still very much on trend. Not all of the patterns are big; there are small florals and some subtler, pastel shades. Polyester jersey sews up beautifully into wrap-style dresses. Continue Reading  Fashion lingerie for autumn: fall for the fall-inspired fashion…!!

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